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Beauties of Boston, The

Boston, Thomas

Hard Cover
Out of Print
A collection of key thinking of Thomas Boston gathered by Samuel MacMillan. It is a great introduction to the practical theology of this Scottish divine...

Best of F B Meyer

Meyer, F. B.

Out of Print
In addition to his pastoral work he preached regularly at the Keswick Convention. This selection from his writings is a good introduction to a prolific author who wrote commentaries, character studies, devotional and daily reading material..

Basket Of Fragments, A

McCheyne, R. M.

Out of Print
This selection of sermons was first published five years after McCheyne's death. They were compiled from notes taken down by hearers 'without the least view to publication', and they bring before us the extemporaneous pleadings with sinners in which ..

Bond Of Love, The

Mckay, David

8 In Stock
A guide for us as we seek to apply Covenant theology to the challenges which contemporary Christians have to face in the culture they live and witness...

2 Samuel; Out Of Every Adversity

Davis, Dale Ralph

18 In Stock
Davis brings cultural and historical colour to the task of interpreting one of the most studied parts of the Bible. The lessons in 2 Samuel from the life of Israel, and David in particular, have obvious modern parallels. Davis writes with a pastor’s ..

1 Peter

Cleave, Derek

3 In Stock
1st Peter was written by the Apostle Peter to encourage believers for whom the storm clouds of persecution were gathering, just because they were Christians. To encourage them he first reminds them that suffering is temporary, and that faithful livi..

Alicia - My Search For Peace

Simpson, Alicia

Out of Print
Alicia Simpson was a nun, who, despite the quietness of the convent had no peace of heart.Through a long struggle she finally found true peace - with God.Her life was transformed when she realised the truth of God's love for her.This same peace is av..

Aren't They Lovely When They're Asleep?

Benton, Ann

5 In Stock
Ann Benton's material contains wisdom distilled from her popular seminars on parenting the next generation. You will learn six key concepts: accept, beware, communicate, discipline, evaluate and fear the Lord. These are applied with understanding and..

Bible Answers

Prime, Derek

7 In Stock
Many people want to know what the Bible has to say about God and other pressing issues. To meet that need Derek Prime has provided a helpful guide that anyone can use. If you have ever wondered what the Bible really says about something, then this ha..

And Some Evangelists

Carswell, Roger

Hard Cover
Out of Print
Your church has a pastor and teachers - but where are your evangelists? Find out where your evangelists are and send them out...

Bible Characters

Whyte, Alexander

Hard Cover
8 In Stock
Alexander Whyte's well researched compendium of biographies has been of great use to pastors, study group leaders and others for about 100 years. It is the most comprehensive, and most well respected, source of material for understanding the characte..

According To Promise

Spurgeon, C. H.

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These promises are for every believer yet each will admit to not fully experiencing what is promised. Spurgeon helps us to appreciate that all God's promises are the birthright of each Christian. It is not presumptious or unreal to expect to enjoy wh..

Common Worship Lectionary & BCP 2019 Spiral Bound


Spiral Bound
No Stock
The SPCK Lectionary provides a completely redesigned and clearly laid-out presentation of the Common Worship calendar and lectionary, with BCP readings on the same page. Sundays and major festivals are covered, as well as weekday...

1 Chronicles

Barber, Cyril J.

4 In Stock
The books of Chronicles have had a chequered past. Neglected for many years under the unfortunate name Paraleipomenon or 'Things Omitted', meant that they occupied a subordinate position in the scriptures until the 4th century AD when the title 'A Ch..


Chapman, Mark

No Stock
What is Anglicanism? How is it different from other forms of Christianity, and how did it come to have so many different versions throughout the world? This Very Short Introduction highlights the diversity of contemporary Anglicanism by exploring i..

Jesus the Healer

Johnson, Darrell W.

We read about Jesus and his work all over the pages of the four Gospels in the New Testament. But we especially read about Him putting things together again in the Gospel according to Matthew. Matthew, the tax collector turned evangelist, records ten..
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