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Explore October-December 2019

Laferton, Carl

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The October – December 2019 issue of Explore features Phillip Jensen on 2 Timothy, Josh Moody on John 18–21, Phil Allcock on Genesis 37–50, Carl Laferton on Zechariah, and Tim Thornborough on Psalms & Christmas. These daily devotionals will take you..

More Truth in a Nutshell

Mollitt, John

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John Mollitt returns with a fresh collection of meditations that will challenge and inspire. More Truth in a Nutshell offers new stories, drawn from John’s experience as an itinerant preacher. Each short anecdote brings scripture to life and explores..

Christianity Magazine September 2019


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Wild Worship

Summers, Rachel

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Wild Worship is for families and churches that want to use creative ways to connect with God outdoors. Part of our Wild Worship series that includes the bestselling Wild Advent and Wild Lent, this book is perfect for families that have children in f..


Hirsch, Alan; Nelson, Mark

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As Christians, we can often be starved of imagination, wary of paradox, and devoid of mystery. Reframation is a passionate manifesto, calling followers of Jesus to reframe and reenchant our worldview, enlarging our perception of God and gospel. It's ..

Life in the Spirit

Penn-Lewis, Jessie

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To quote the author, Mrs. Penn-Lewis, “Christians do not understand ‘spiritual conflict’ in the Lord’s service, because they do not know how to live in the Spirit.” This book seeks to give the reader an understanding of what it means to live in the S..

Following Jesus in the Holy Land

Need, Stephen W.

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Following Jesus in the Holy Land is a study book for individual and group use during the Church’s seasons of Advent and Lent. It provides ten chapters (four for Advent, six for Lent) that can be used by individuals or church groups for stimulation an..

Messages from God's Heart... as You Face Life's Challenges


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Messages from God's heart as you face life's challenges. The concept is for people to be able to purchase this book in place of a card. It comprises of scripture which are compiled around specific topics...

Praying for Revival

Edwards, Brian H.

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The twin volume with this, Revival – a people saturated with God, answered the question: What is ‘revival’ in the history of the Christian church and how can we distinguish a genuine work of God’s Spirit from the false claims that often distract us?..

Messages from God's Heart... Good Grief


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Messages from God's heart series. Good grief... finding hope in the midst of grief. The concept is for people to be able to purchase this book in place of a card. It comprises of scripture which are compiled around specific topics...

Messages from God's Heart... on Living a Meaningful Life


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Messages from God's heart... on Living a Meaningful Life. The concept is for people to be able to purchase this book in place of a card. It comprises of scripture which are compiled around specific topics...

Heart of the Problem, The

Ebenezer, Alun

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It’s obvious to most people that there is something wrong in the way the world is in this first quarter of the twenty-first century. Many of us come to some conclusion about where the responsibility lies—politicians, the rich, the powerful—all are po..

Murder on Christmas Eve

Greaves, Stuart

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Alan Greaves was headline news in 2012 when he was fatally attacked just before midnight on Christmas Eve. He was walking to his local church to play the organ for a Christmas service that would focus on Jesus, the Saviour of the world. Where does “..

Fruitful Home, The

Benton, Ann

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The book of Titus establishes a biblical precedent for older women to teach younger women the importance of gospel living. Writing as a Christian ‘grandmother’ to a rising generation of parents, Ann Benton shows the value of creating a gospel cultur..


Ponsonby, Simon

Hard Cover
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After 30 years of being a disciple, Simon Ponsonby began to reflect on whether he was amazed by Jesus, or whether he had lost his first love, having a relationship with Jesus that was predictable and dutiful. Did Jesus still amaze him or just employ ..

Forbidden Grief, The

Barnes, Peter

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Written by Peter Barnes, President of Evangelicals for Life, The Forbidden Grief is a pastoral resource for those who are grieving and struggling through past decisions regarding abortion, showing the reader where true forgiveness and restoration can..

God and Adam

Ward, Rowland S.

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Reformed churches have always been interested in the covenant idea, first the covenant of grace in Christ, but also a covenant with Adam before sin, commonly called the covenant of works. But what the covenant of works really meant in the 17th centur..


Bolz, Shawn

Hard Cover
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Focus on Christ

Stott, John

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It pleases the Father, Son and Spirit that the Son, Jesus Christ, be the centre of our worship, have the name above all names, and be first above all things. Everyone has a relationship with him – whether bearing his image but being estranged from hi..

Asian Christian Theology

Gener, Timoteo; Pardue, Stephe

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Asian Christian Theology provides a survey of contextually reflective, robustly evangelical theology for students to engage with the core doctrines of Christianity and their outworking in different cultures across Asia. The contributors of the chapte..


Silvoso, Ed

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It's no secret that the Church today has lost its influence in culture. But why? With the technology, affluence and knowledge we have today, why are we less effective than the first-century Church--which didn't have social media or fancy buildings ..

Romans 8 Workbook

Kandiah, Krish

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Paul tells us we are 'more than conquerors' and that in encountering the Holy Spirit we find confidence that we are heirs of God the Father and co-heirs with Christ. This chapter encapsulates the gospel, the work of the trinity and all our foundation..
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