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LifeBuilder: Ephesians

Le Peau, Andrew; Le Peau, Phyl

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Broken marriages, shattered friendships, racial divisions, war between nations - we live in a fractured world. How can the pieces be put back together? In Ephesians Paul lifts the veil from the future to allow us to see God's plan to unite everyone a..

LifeBuilder: Colossians and Philemon

Reapsome, Martha

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We all long for more - more wisdom, more maturity, more power, more faith. To fill these needs we attend seminars, go to concerts, hear celebrity speakers and read their latest books. Yet we often come away empty and unfulfilled. Colossians and Phile..

LifeBuilder: The Lord's Prayer

Connelly, Douglas

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When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he gave them the Lord's Prayer. But is the Lord's Prayer simply a form of prayer repeated during Sunday morning worship? If so, we are missing out on a rich resource for our spiritual lives. These..

Life + Love Leader Kit

Stuart, Ben

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Life + Love Leader Kit includes a Bible Study Book and two DVDs with a promotional video and six 15-minute video sessions featuring author Ben Stuart. The videos include promotional material and teaching sessions featuring author Ben Stuart. The Kit ..

Life + Love Bible Study Book

Stuart, Ben

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Life + Love Bible Study Book includes printed content for six small group sessions, personal study between sessions, applicable Scripture, “How to Use This Study,” tips for leading a group, and a leader guide. In a society where everyone is supposedl..

African Hermeneutics

Mburu, Elizabeth

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Interpretation of Scripture occurs within one’s worldview and culture, which enhances our understanding and ability to apply Scripture in the world. However, few books address Bible interpretation from an African perspective and no other textbook use..

Rowland Hill

Shenton, Tim

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‘The crowds that follow Rowland Hill wherever he is called to preach, overwhelm me with astonishment, and gratitude to the God of all grace, who has endowed him with such gifts. He boldly proclaims the doctrines of the cross, and the word of the Lord..

New Testament Canon, The

Kruger, Michael J.

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Opponents of Christianity raise challenging questions about the origins, authorship, age, and reliability of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament. When the authenticity of the New Testament is questioned, so is the gospel. In this video teachi..

Exploring Malachi

Castro, Rich

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As the last book in the Old Testament, Malachi stands as a gateway in the city walls awaiting the arrival of the King. This prophet provides us not with leather sofas and warm slippers, but with truth which drives us out of complacency and makes ..

Before You Open Your Bible

Smethurst, Matt

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We know the Bible is important, but many of us struggle with it. We’re not biblical experts—though we may have started enough reading plans to be really familiar with Genesis. If we’re honest, the Bible often intimidates us, confuses us, and reading ..

Come and Behold Him

Randall, David J.

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The basic outline of the Christmas story is so familiar we might think we have no more to learn from it. But try looking at the Christmas story through different eyes. Through the eyes of Micah and Isaiah who foretold it; Anna and Simeon who witnesse..

Jesus: The First 10,000 Days

Halls, Christopher

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Jesus – The First 10,000 Days explores the secret or hidden years of Christ’s life, the time before he began his ministry. By steering clear of the excesses of the imagination — be they modern movies or early gnostic gospels — this study takes us on ..

What Does the Bible Really Say About Adam and Eve

Fretwell, Thomas

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Were Adam and Eve real historical people? This is becoming an increasingly controversial question within the church. This booklet explores the biblical teaching about Adam and Eve. It will demonstrate why it is essential to understand that the Bib..

LifeBuilder: Integrity

Nystrom, Carolyn

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Can there really be right or wrong? Today, it is often considered intolerant to speak of moral absolutes. While living in this culture of relativism, we desperately need to remember the biblical value of integrity. Through ten studies, Carolyn Nystr..

LifeBuilder: Old Testament Characters

Scazzero, Peter

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We live in a world that is desperate for heroes, with the most unlikely characters being held up as role models. These studies introduce us to twelve heroic people from the Old Testament, including Daniel, who resisted compromise; Esther, who said ..

LifeBuilder: Prayer

Healey, David

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What Do Jesus' Parables Mean?

Sproul, R. C.

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The Good Samaritan. The Prodigal Son. The Pearl of Great Price. Jesus was well known for using parables to illustrate a point. These short stories can be simple enough for a child to understand, yet they are also profound and have left many puzzled a..

How Should I Think about Money?

Sproul, R. C.

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Jesus taught more often on money than He did on love or on heaven and hell combined. Why? It’s because money is one of the chief competitors for our affections. He warned, “You cannot serve God and money.” How, then, should we view an>d use money? Ho..

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Sproul, R. C.

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The person and work of the Holy Spirit spark much interest these days—but also much confusion. Many do not fully understand who the Spirit is or how He works in our lives. Some people even claim that the Spirit speaks to them apart from the Bible. In..

Can I Trust the Bible?

Sproul, R. C.

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“What is the Bible? Can we really trust it? Many people today assume that the Bible is full of errors and contradictions. At best, it is a mildly interesting look at the lives and beliefs of people who lived centuries ago. In this booklet, Dr. R.C. S..

Who Is Jesus?

Sproul, R. C.

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No person in history has provoked more difference of opinion than Jesus of Nazareth. Some say He was a cunning fraud, while others say He must have been out of His mind. In many cases, His story is altered to suit people’s agendas. While there are ma..
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