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Popular Survey Of The New Testament, A

Geisler, Norman L.

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Well known author, Geisler, offers students of the Bible an introduction to the content, structure, and teaching of the entire New Testament...

A Visual History Of The English Bible

Brake, Donald L.

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With a full color layout and over one hundred illustrations, A Visual History of the English Bible covers the fascinating journey of the Bible from the pulpit to the people...

Genesis of Liberation, The

Powery, Emerson B.

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Considering that the Bible was used to justify and perpetuate African American enslavement, why would it be given such authority? In this fascinating volume, Powery and Sadler explore how the Bible became a source of liberation for enslaved African A..

Brief History Of Old Testament Criticism, A

Gignilliat, Mark S.

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In A Brief History of Old Testament Criticism---a concise, intelligent, in-depth historical overview ideal for classroom use---Mark Gignilliat discusses key critical scholars and their theories of Old Testament interpretation...

Brief Survey Of The Bible Study Guide, A

Walton, John H.; Strauss, Mark

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John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, and Mark Strauss, professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary San Diego, provide participants with an overview of the key themes, events, and characters in the entire Bible...

Collected Writings Of W.E. Vine, The

Vine, W. E.

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The fruit of years of prayerful study and deep Christian thought, The Collected Writings of W.E. Vine offers the wisdom of one of the great contributors to modern biblical studies. A must for the library shelves of any serious student of the Bible...

Amg Concise Bible Survey, The Hb


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Facing The Darkness And Finding The Light

Winter, David

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Where does evil come from? Why is it present in the world and within our own lives? Why do the innocent suffer and - too often - the powerful prevail? If there is a God and he is good, why is the world that he created constantly marred by conflict, w..

Sacred Sense

Brown, William P.

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New Testament Survey

Merrill C. Tenney

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A handbook discussing the books of the New Testament against their first-century background: literary, political, social, economic and religious...

Cracking Old Testament Codes

Sandy, D. Brent; Giese, Ronald

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A guide to the various kinds of literature in the Old Testament-narrative, history, law, oracles, and more-and how to interpret them. Contributors include Eugene Merrill, Walt Kaiser, and Tremper Longman, III. ..

Heart Of Hebrew History, The

Hester, H. I.

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Presents the leading facts in the history of the Hebrew people as given in the Old Testament. ..


Block, Daniel I.

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A collection of essays responding to the radical claims that Israel and its history actually began following the Babylonian exile, and that  the history of Israel we read about in the Bible is a fictionalized account. ..

Introducing The New Testament

Blair, Joe

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Helps students understand the New Testament by introducing its contents and principles for its interpretation...
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