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Life in the Spirit

Penn-Lewis, Jessie

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To quote the author, Mrs. Penn-Lewis, “Christians do not understand ‘spiritual conflict’ in the Lord’s service, because they do not know how to live in the Spirit.” This book seeks to give the reader an understanding of what it means to live in the S..

Heart of the Problem, The

Ebenezer, Alun

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It’s obvious to most people that there is something wrong in the way the world is in this first quarter of the twenty-first century. Many of us come to some conclusion about where the responsibility lies—politicians, the rich, the powerful—all are po..

Fruitful Home, The

Benton, Ann

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The book of Titus establishes a biblical precedent for older women to teach younger women the importance of gospel living. Writing as a Christian ‘grandmother’ to a rising generation of parents, Ann Benton shows the value of creating a gospel cultur..

Forbidden Grief, The

Barnes, Peter

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Written by Peter Barnes, President of Evangelicals for Life, The Forbidden Grief is a pastoral resource for those who are grieving and struggling through past decisions regarding abortion, showing the reader where true forgiveness and restoration can..


Bolz, Shawn

Hard Cover
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Rest of Your Life, The

Hancock, Ems

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So many of us just need a good rest. But when it comes to rest, it seems that we may have been missing the point... Life is frantic, but it's God who is standing over us, encouraging us to get busy. His desire is to lead us into green pastures - ar..

Seasons of Sex and Intimacy

Waring, Emma

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God created sex to deepen our marriages and enhance the connections with our partners. So why are Christians so reluctant to talk about it? And where do they go for the information they need, so they can have the sort of sex lives that God always int..

Christ and the Kingdoms of Men

Innes, David C.

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What are a Christian’s civic responsibilities, and why? David Innes provides a principled political theology for understanding our civic “life together” in God’s world. God calls our human officeholders and their civic business to a high moral purpos..

By Way of the Heart

Oakley, Mark

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Mark Oakley is one of the church's most outstanding communicators. His writing and preaching alike are shaped by a sense that language is sacramental, and he has a poet's gift of opening up new worlds and new possibilities simply through words. In a ..

Long Obedience in the Same Direction, A

Peterson, Eugene H.

Hard Cover
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Since Eugene Peterson first wrote this spiritual formation classic nearly forty years ago, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been inspired by its call to deeper discipleship. As a society, we are still obsessed with the immediate; new technolo..

How Should We Get Ready for Christ's Return?

McGraw, Ryan M.

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The return of Christ is vital to the message of the Bible. But is it an integral part of our Christian lives? After surveying the Scriptures for the influence of Christ’s return on our personal holiness, Ryan M. McGraw carefully examines 1 John 2:28–..

How Can I Have Peace in Life's Storms?

Vos, Brian

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Life tends to toss us around like a boat in a hurricane. But are Christians left to suffer these trials without the hope of peace? In this booklet, Brian Vos reminds us to recognize that the darkness will come, to believe that Jesus is on our side, t..

Our Chief of Days

Walker, Jeremy

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Are you looking for a biblical, succinct, popular, positive, well-written, and accessible survey of the issues surrounding the keeping of the Lord’s day? With biblical simplicity and clarity, Jeremy Walker shows us why the Lord’s day is not bondage, ..

God's Design for Women

James, Sharon

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Woman today are encouraged to have it all: succesful careers and wealth at the expense of everything else. Yet many women are still feeling empty. This timely look into biblical womanhood shows how ultimate fulfillment comes from following God's desi..

Heart of God, The

Boa, Kenneth D.

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When grounded in Scripture, prayer can be especially effective, not just for the person praying, but for all those he or she could bless through words and action. Guiding readers through ninety days of Scripture-based prayer, The Heart of God challen..

Being Baptised

Gaukroger, Stephen

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Revised and updated edition. This invaluable book is for anyone considering baptism, or leading preparation classes. A practical handbook giving a comprehensive, down to earth explanation of the meaning, biblical basis, and spiritual dimension of bel..

Raising Giant-Killers

Johnson, Bill; Johnson, Beni

Hard Cover
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As children grow and experience life, they face "giants" in many forms--the hurts, struggles, fears and temptations of the world that seduce countless young people away from their divine call to represent Jesus in both purity and power. It is vital f..

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

Pollard, Steve

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The Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint. This valuable resource will help you to keep up the pace, avoid obstacles and stay focused on the prize...

Accessing the Riches of Heaven

King, Patricia

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I just want to be in heaven. . . . Sometimes it seems as if the believer's answer to earth's problems is to get "home" as quickly as possible! Throughout seasons of adversity, hardship or shortage, we content ourselves with the knowledge that peace, ..

Overcoming Fear

Dollar, Creflo A.

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Kelsey, Allan; Stahl, Brad

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You can know your purpose on this earth. God has called you to something more, but you don't know what it is, what it looks like, or what to do about it. Past attempts at following a dream have left you frustrated and insecure. Now you're standing on..

Adventures in Prayer

Pierce, Mary Jo

Imitation Leather
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“Mary, you talk too much.”—God Would God say the same thing to you? Are your prayers one-dimensional? When you pray, who does the talking? Praying isn’t just talking—it’s also listening, watching, and expecting. Travel with Mary Jo on her adventu..

How Can I Please God in Everything

Thomas, Geoffrey

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As Christians, our hearts desire to please God always and everywhere. But how do we do that? In this booklet, Geoffrey Thomas shows us that pleasing God cannot exist apart from living by faith—entrusting all of yourself to all of Christ. He goes on t..
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