Social Justice


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Sutter, Arloa

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The poor are always with you; you just can't see them. They are the hungry. They are the thirsty. They are those within our own churches who would never acknowledge their need for clothing. How can we begin to serve the invisible in our midst? In thi..

Justice Awakening

Byun, Eddie

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What can I do about human trafficking? What can my church do about slavery? The realities of modern-day slavery can seem daunting, and sometimes it can feel like we should leave it to the professionals. But fighting for justice is not something we ..

Occupied Territories

Hewitt, Garth

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From the heart of Bethlehem, from the heart of occupied land, comes a theology to shake the world—a theology of hope, peace and justice. Legendary singer-songwriter Garth Hewitt has traveled the globe, hearing the echoes of God on the margins of soc..

Courageous Compassion

Grant, Keth

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Through the eyes of Jesus, you will see those to whom He was drawn as potential men and women of God on a healing, life-changing journey. A challenge to our pale definition of compassion, the message of this book is bold, necessarily courageous, and ..

Under Our Skin Group Conversation Guide

Watson, Benjamin; Wiersma, Ashley

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Let's admit it. When it comes to the topics of race and racism in our country, we all feel a range of emotions--we're angry, offended, sad, hopeless, and confused. Based on Benjamin Watson's groundbreaking book, Under Our Skin, the Under Our Skin Gr..


Apple, David S

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Written as a follow-up to Not Just a Soup Kitchen, David Apple’s Neighborology provides a blueprint for how churches and servant leaders of every ministry can be neighbourly helpers. Apple provides insight into developing the heart of a servant by mo..

Liberty Book, The

Bona, John; Schanzenbach, Don

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News reports bring to our ears daily stories of further intrusion in our lives and increased regulations too many to number. We sense that our well-sung liberties are being lost to a point of no return. However, with God's help freedom can be revived..

Redeeming Sex

Hirsch, Debra; Lyons, Gab

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Nothing has exposed the gap between the church and the broader society quite like the cultural argument over sexuality. Relationships, identities, orientations and even seemingly straightforward concepts such as gender have cut battle lines between t..

Race And Place

Leong, David P.

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Geography matters. We long for diverse, thriving neighborhoods and churches, yet racial injustices persist. Why? Because geographic structures and systems create barriers to reconciliation and prevent the flourishing of our communities. Race and Pl..

Welcome Homeless

Graham, Alan; Hall, Lauren

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Homeless. No other word better describes our modern-day suffering. It reveals one of our deepest and most painful conditions-not having a sense of belonging. However, Alan Graham, founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes and Community First! Village, is imp..

Impossible Is A Dare

Cooley, Ben

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Ben Cooley was just 26 years old when he booked Birmingham's NEC Arena. He didn't have the first idea about putting on a major event. But he did have a vision: to live in a world free from slavery. This is a story of passion turned into action. Here..

Crying For Justice

Day, John

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John Day explores the psalms that appeal to God for curse or vengeance, and the relevant New Testament teaching, to offer a biblical defence of the appropriate use of 'cursing' in the context of Christian ethics and justice...

Welcoming Justice

Marsh, Charles; Perkins, John

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Historian and theologian Charles Marsh partners with veteran activist John Perkins to chronicle God’s vision for a more equitable and just world. Perkins reflects on his long ministry and identifies key themes and lessons he has learned, and Marsh hi..

Justice That Restores

Colson, Charles W.

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Dunblane. Littleton. James Bulger. Stephen Lawrence These names read like a war memorial, evoking crimes, which transfixed us with horror, so we could only ask 'Why?' 'What has gone wrong?' Meanwhile that same disregard for human life and dignity gro..

Law And The Bible

Cochran, Robert F.; VanDrunen,

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The Bible is full of law. Yet too often, Christians either pick and choose verses out of context to bolster existing positions, or assume that any moral judgment the Bible expresses should become the law of the land. Law and the Bible asks, 'What ins..

Time Is Now, The

Chittister, Joan

Hard Cover
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Beloved nun and social activist Joan Chittister, who appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, offers a soul-stirring and inspiring guide that speaks to all who feel disillusioned and dissatisfied with the power-hungry institutions and systems of this w..

Jobs, Justice, Homes and Hope


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Reconciling All Things

Katongole, Emmanuel; Rice, Chr

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Our world is broken and cries out for reconciliation. But mere conflict resolution and peacemaking are not enough. What makes real reconciliation possible? How is it that some people are able to forgive the most horrendous of evils? And what role do..

Brave Souls

Bauman, Belinda

Hard Cover
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What if empathy could save us? Belinda Bauman was living a comfortable life as a wife, mother, and nonprofit leader—but her soul was checked out. Then she met Esperance. An assault survivor living in one of the poorest, most dangerous countries in t..
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