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Christ Victorious

Martin, Hugh

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Death is often thought of as the inescapable terminus of life—something which, in the end, overpowers and conquers us. But in Christian theology, the death of Christ has central significance for our salvation. Christ died victoriously, conquering dea..

You Shall Receive Power

Prince, Derek

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Discover the Holy Spirit's role as a Guide and learn how to be led by the Spirit, how to hear God's voice and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit's working in our life. In his book of two parts Derek Prince deals with Baptism in the Holy Spirit an..

Prophetic Wisdom

Cooke, Graham

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Moving in the prophetic requires a deep level of faith. It’s through practiced listening and intentional time with God that we can truly learn His intentions and be joyful carriers of His word through prophecy. In Prophetic Wisdom, the third book of..

Networked Theology

Campbell, Heidi A; Garner, Ste

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This informed theology of communication and media analyzes how we consume new media and technologies and discusses the impact on our social and religious lives...

Theory of Everything (That Matters), A

McGrath, Alister

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On 29th May 1919, British astronomers tested Einstein's theory of relativity by measuring the path of the stars travelling near the sun during an eclipse. On 7th November 1919, the results of that experiment were announced in London, proving Einstein..

Made Man

Hamilton, Craig

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We rely on Jesus for our salvation, but who is he? We say he is fully God and fully man... but what does that actually mean? How does it work? Why does he need to be both? Does it matter? We miss a rich vein of gold when we mentally file the incarna..

David's Son and David's Lord

McGraw, Ryan M.; Morales, L. M

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The Introduction to this book includes these words: “One of the greatest needs of the church in every age is to contemplate, know, and love the glory of Christ in order to promote the spread of the gospel and the holiness of God’s people. Yet this al..

Evolution Crisis, The


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The five scientists featured in this unique and absorbing book were not raised to believe in creationism. On the contrary, they made an informed choice in adulthood - while studying and working within various scientific disciplines - to abandon Darwi..

Lord and Messiah, The

Story, Joe

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The church of today appears to be spearheading its mission with the message of the love of God. Whilst this is a true element of the gospel, the preaching of the apostles and evangelists made the person of Jesus, and His exaltation to be Lord and Chr..

Understanding God's New Covenant in Jesus Christ

Story, Joe

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There are many people who believe in God, who are not, and would not want to be, identified as a Christian. There are those who would identify as a Christian, but who do so more from their cultural and religious background rather than from an underst..

SCM Studyguide: Christian Doctrine

Astley, Jeff

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The SCM Studyguide Christian Doctrine engages readers by developing theological conversations between his or her own 'ordinary theology', on the one hand, and the theological resources of ecclesiastical and academic theology, on the other. Students g..

God and Adam

Ward, Rowland S.

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Reformed churches have always been interested in the covenant idea, first the covenant of grace in Christ, but also a covenant with Adam before sin, commonly called the covenant of works. But what the covenant of works really meant in the 17th centur..

Focus on Christ

Stott, John

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It pleases the Father, Son and Spirit that the Son, Jesus Christ, be the centre of our worship, have the name above all names, and be first above all things. Everyone has a relationship with him – whether bearing his image but being estranged from hi..

Asian Christian Theology

Gener, Timoteo; Pardue, Stephe

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Asian Christian Theology provides a survey of contextually reflective, robustly evangelical theology for students to engage with the core doctrines of Christianity and their outworking in different cultures across Asia. The contributors of the chapte..



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DISC 1 Feature length documentary. Runtime: 100 minutes*. DISC 2 and 3 15* teaching sessions on different Puritans and 15* teaching sessions on different Puritan themes. WORKBOOK Built around the teaching sessions for Disc 2 and 3. INTRODUCTION TO TH..


Levesque, James

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As the world slips into greater darkness, wandering more and more from biblical truth, the need for spiritual awakening becomes ever more critical. And as pastor and speaker James Levesque reveals, God is about to set the world ablaze. In these enli..

Becoming a Next-Level Prophet

Leclaire, Jennifer

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If you know your calling as a prophet of the living God, then you probably know many of the challenges that come with the gift. Prophets are not made in an instant. The inner strength and vital character you need come only through a "making" process ..

I See Dead People

Johnson, Raymond M.

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Matthew 27:51–54 and 28:1–10 both focus on Christ’s death and resurrection—so these texts must be read together in order to understand their theological significance. However, over time, interpreters have separated these two pericopae, seeing 27:51–5..

Veiled in Flesh

Tinker, Melvin

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'Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, Hail the incarnate deity ... Jesus, our Emmanuel.' Great words, from one of the most popular Christmas carols -- but what do they actually mean and do they really matter? Melvin Tinker introduces the doctrine of the ..

History and Eschatology

Wright, N. T.

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The question of 'natural theology' interlocks with the related questions of whether we can conceive of God acting in the world at all, as well as why, if God is God, evil persists in the world. Can specific events in history, like those reported in t..

Has Science Killed God?

Alexander, Denis

Hard Cover
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The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is a UK educational charity, and a member of the Cambridge Theological Federation which is an affiliate of Cambridge University. In addition to academic research, the Institute engages in the public unde..

Delusion of Evolution 7th Edition, The


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The theory of chance mutations fails to convince. The incredible complexity needed to produce life demonstrates that intelligence must be involved. In The Delusion of Evolution you will read about the many fatal flaws in the theory of evolution and h..

Imputation of the Active Obedience of Christ, The

Strange, Alan D.

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In this book, Alan D. Strange investigates the Westminster Assembly and the Westminster Standards to determine whether they affirmed the imputation of Christ's active obedience as necessary for our justification. He also gives a survey of church hist..
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