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Christological Anthropology In Historical Perspective

Cortez, Marc

Many theologians begin their discussion of the human person by claiming that in some way Jesus Christ reveals what it means to be truly human, but this often has little impact in the material presentation of their anthropology. Although modern theolo..

Who Am I?

Robert L Thomas

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A correct, biblical view of self should radically transform us. Thomas shows us that to overcome sin in our day-to-day lives we must grasp the fact that in Christ we have died to sin just as our union with Him in His resurrection enables us to live h..

Humanity And Sin

Pyne, Robert

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Sin may seem like an outdated concept these days, but its consequences remain as destructive as ever. Robert Pyne explores sin's overarching effect on creation and our world today...

Born Bad

Boyce, James

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Original sin and the making of the western mind Despite its declining popularity among Christians, the belief that we are all innately sinful retains a firm grip on Western consciousness and culture – even in the writings of avowed atheists such as ..

Crook In The Lot, The

Boston, Thomas

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CROOK IN THE LOT ''Consider the work of God, for who can make that straight which He has made crooked'' (Ecclesiastes 7:3) One's lot consists of all the things in life that God has allotted to a person. So if one sees rough and painful happenings in ..

Fossils That Speak Out

Saint, Phil

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Saint shows how anthropological discoveries support creation rather than evolution. Clear and cleverly illustrated, this book is easily understandable to laypersons of high-school age or older...

Being Human, Being Church

Franklin, Patrick S

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Our conception of human personhood deeply impacts our understanding and practice of community and church. In this rigorous work Franklin argues that ecclesiology needs to be informed and shaped by a robust theological anthropology...

Let the Bones Dance

Mount Shoop, Marcia W.

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Contemporary Christian faith and practice tend to address spiritual, mental, and emotional issues but ignore the body. As a result, many believers are uncomfortable in their own skins. Shoop addresses this 'dis-ease' with a theology that is attentive..

Spirit and Trauma

Rambo, Shelly

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Rambo draws on contemporary studies in trauma to rethink a central claim of the Christian faith: that new life arises from death. Reexamining the narrative of the death and resurrection of Jesus from the middle day-liturgically named as Holy Saturday..

Future of Partnership, The

Russell, Letty M.

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How should men and women and God relate to one another? Letty Russell's answer is 'partnership' understood in new ways as relationship rooted in the life story of Jesus...

Wounding and Healing of Desire, The

Farley, Wendy

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Using refreshingly unconventional prose, rising theologian Wendy Farley has written a theological account of the human condition that delves into the deepest dimensions of the soul. Considering human life from the perspective of the wounding and heal..

Vulnerability and Glory

Culp, Kristine A.

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Disasters indicate the complex peril of earthly existence. Suffering and risk are global realities. Yet, the biblical depiction of persons and communities as 'earthen vessels' also suggests that vulnerable creatures can be strengthened to receive and..

What about the Soul?

Green, Joel B.

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Everyone knows about the rocky relationship between science and theology brought about by the revolutionary proposals of Copernicus and Darwin. Fewer people know about an equally revolutionary scientific innovation that is currently under way among n..
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