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Just Generosity

Sider, Ronald J.; Colson, Char

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Ron Sider calls Christians to examine their priorities and their pocketbooks in the face of the tendency to overlook those among us who suffer...

Ética bíblica: An Introduction to Christian Morality

Buch, Emmanuel

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En tiempos de celeridad como el presente, todos queremos respuestas rápidas para todo, tanto los creyentes como los interrogantes éticos contemporáneos. Sin embargo las respuestas sin fundamento suelen ser demasiado frágiles. Por eso, como cristi..


Howard, Thomas

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Offense to Reason

Ramm, Bernard L.

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Living in the Lamblight

Boersma, Hans

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In recent decades many fundamental Christian assumptions about the nature of God and the world have come under attack. No longer can one assume even in many church circles that historic Christian beliefs about the Trinity and providence are generally..

African Christian Ethics

Kunhiyop, Samuel Waje

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This is an introduction to African Christian Ethics for Christian colleges and Bible schools. The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the theory of ethics, while the second discusses practical issues. The issues are grouped int..

Life's Ultimate Questions: An Introduction To Philosophy

Nash, Ronald H.

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A basic textbook on introduction to philosophy, Life's Ultimate Questions is from renowned teacher and communicator Ronald Nash and can be used in Christian and secular classrooms alike...

Moral Choices

Rae, Scott

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Now in its third edition, this foremost college ethics text helps students form a basis for practical, ethical decision making in contemporary culture. Substantial updates and revisions include a new chapter on ethics and economics, online resources ..

Doing The Right Thing

Rae, Scott; Robert P. George A

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Ethicist Scott B. Rae expands on Charles Colson's Doing the Right Thing video-based study with a hard-hitting book that diagnoses society's ethical failures in plain language and points to a better way forward---one that can aid you not just in knowi..

Why The Church Needs Bioethics

Kilner, John F.

By engaging the incredible medical technologies available today from a biblical and theological perspective, this book equips students, church and lay leaders, and health care professionals to help foster a world in which medical expertise informs ou..

7 Men Who Rule The World From The Grave

Breese, Dave

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Noted lecturer Dave Breese unearths the deadly influence on our society of seven key historical figures, from the well-known Darwin and Marx to the lesser-known Dewey and Welhausen. A lively, challenging critique that prepares you to recognize and de..

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness

Comiskey, Andrew

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Real help for Christians who struggle with homosexuality and for those who minister to them...

Exposing Witchcraft In The Church

Godwin, Rick

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The Bible says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and Rick Godwin believes that rebellion is rampant in the churches today. Satan is using some unfamilar spirits to divide and destroy families and churches...

Vanishing Conscience, The

Macarthur, John F.

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In this compelling book, John MacArthur sounds a wake-up call for Christians to boldly confront society's flight from moral responsibility and recognize sin for what it is...

Face That Demonstrates The Farce Of Evolution, The

Hanegraaff, Hank

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