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Christ And The Desert Tabernacle

Fesko, J. V.

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The author writes with a desire to show young and old alike, that, far from being boring or uninteresting, the Old Testament tabernacle, and later the temple in Solomon’s day, is a shadowy picture of Christ and the church. It fills the believer with ..

Prophets Speak Of Him (New Edition), The

Selvaggio, Anthony

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While the Minor Prophets speak to a vast array of issues, this book is particularly focussed on what they have to say about Jesus Christ. It is not a verse-by-verse commentary, nor is it an effort to deal with all the implications of their prophecies..

God's Lamp Man's Light

Carr, John D.

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John Garr presents a masterful analysis of the menorah, the only biblical symbol that has the distinction of being designed by God himself. This is the only comprehensive study of the menorah in existence, filled with valuable information about the h..

Almost Midnight

Thompson, Richard D.

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At last, a straightforward study for the whole Church which breaks new ground and pieces together the jigsaw of biblical prophecies, providing a comprehensive and clear overview of the Jewish nation and the end-time scenario. This book features a tho..

Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology

Harvey, Richard

Richard Harvey, himself a Messianic Jew, maps the diverse theological terrain of this young movement. He makes an original and innovative contribution by clarifying, affirming and constructively critiquing the present state of its theology. The book..
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