The Trinity


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Keep In Step With The Spirit

Packer, J. I.

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One of Christianity's greatest scholars makes the person and power of the Holy Spirit accessible to all who strive for a closer walk with God...

What The Bible Teaches About The Trinity

Olyott, Stuart

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Do you have problems understanding what the Bible teaches about the Trinity, or have you had to try to answer people who do not believe that Jesus Christ is God and who deny that the one God is three, and that there are three who are God. Could they ..

Final Hour

Hickey, Marilyn

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Prophecy is a mirror in which we can only see dimly. We do not know the moment of Jesus’ return. The compelling signs of the times indicate that His return is soon, but we do not know how much time is left before the church will be caught up from the..

End of Theology, The

Sexton, Weston

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The End of Theology generates a discussion of the nature of theology and how it is most meaningfully constructed to offer a truly interdisciplinary perspective on theology and mission. The volume highlights perspectives of contextual and systematic t..

Transforming Trinity - Study Guide, The

McQuoid, Elizabeth

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The word Trinity is never mentioned in the Bible. And yet evidence for one God in three persons is found throughout the Scriptures. When the Israelites fled from Egypt, Moses taught them about the uniqueness and unity of God - 'Hear O Israel: The Lor..

Embracing The Trinity

Fred Sanders

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The doctrine of the Trinity is widely taught and believed by evangelical Christians, but is rarely fully understood or celebrated. In this accessible and stimulating book, Fred Sanders shows why we ought to embrace the doctrine of the Trinity wholehe..

Trinitarian Theology For The Church

Trier, Daniel J.; Laub, David

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The doctrine of the Trinity has received considerable attention in recent years. These essays demonstrate the substance and importance of the doctrine for Christian faith, particularly in worship, in the reading of Scripture, and in the church's miss..

Good God, The

Reeves, Michael

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In a very accessible way Michael Reeves writes about God as Trinity in order for both our understanding and faith to grow. In The Good God, Michael Reeves writes about growing in our enjoyment of God and seeing how God's triune being makes all his w..

Experiencing the Trinity

Johnson, Darrell W.

For many people the doctrine of the Trinity is a hopeless puzzle, a outdated philosophical idea far removed from everyday life. What does it all mean? And how can something so mysterious possibly make a difference in our everyday lives? In Experienci..

Doctrine of God, The

Bavinck, Herman

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The doctrine of God is the foundation of Christian theology and the prerequisite of all true faith. Yet, despite this, few books expound the biblical teaching on the being and character of God himself, or encourage that glorifying of his name for whi..

Truth For All Time

Calvin, John

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‘John Calvin knew that if the biblical truths rediscovered at the Reformation were to spread throughout the world, they would have to be presented in a form which ordinary people could understand. So, during the winter of 1536-1537, the 29 year old C..

Delighting in the Trinity

Chester, Tim

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“How can there be three Gods and yet only one God?” Have you ever groaned inwardly at a question like this? Many of us find the doctrine of the Trinity – that God is three persons sharing one nature – difficult to get our heads round, and frankly a b..

Trinity in Asian Perspective, The

Lee, Jung Young

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Western Christians often despair of finding meaning in the paradoxical statement that God is both "One" and "Three." The problem, says Jung Young Lee, is not with the doctrine of the Trinity itself; rather, it is with the Western conceptual tendency ..

Trinity: Song and Dance God

Forster, Roger

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In 'Trinity - Song and Dance God', Roger Forster explores the powerful dynamism of the Trinity in his creative and incisive examination of our three-parts God. Vital for individual understanding and for explaining Christianity to others, this is a mu..

Systematic Theology

Brown, John

Hard Cover
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Brown's systematic theology was first published in 1782 at the request of theological students. In seven books, it covers the traditional topics of revelation, God, man, Christ, personal salvation, and the church. It contains more than 26,000 proof t..

Leading God's People

Beeley, Christopher

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Using the wisdom of the past to address the challenges of the present, Christopher Beeley's Leading God's People presents key principles of church leadership as they were taught by great pastor-theologians of the early church, including Gregory of Na..

Systematic Theology, Volume 2

P, Tillich

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In this volume, the second of his three-volume reinterpretation of Christian theology, Paul Tillich comes to grips with the central idea of his system—the doctrine of the Christ. Man's predicament is described as the state of "estrangement" from hims..

Holy Trinity Revisited, The

Noble, Thomas A.

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A critical engagement with Stephen Holmes's recent, highly acclaimed work on the Trinity. The Trinitarian resurgence has been celebrated by the majority of recent theologians and has impacted nearly every area of modern theology. A careful rendering..

William Symington


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“Roy Blackwood’s revival of the life and work of William Symington offers profound insight for those seeking to remain true to Christ in a drifting age like ours. Especially on the topics of the atonement and the kingship of Christ, Symington’s works..

Transforming Theological Education

Shaw, Perry

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For several decades concern has been expressed about the need for greater integration and contextual significance in the curricular design of theological education. In addition there has been a growing awareness of the role theological schools should..

Triune God, The

Sanders, Fred: Allen, Michael

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New Studies in Dogmatics seeks to retrieve the riches of Christian doctrine for the sake of contemporary theological renewal. Following in the tradition of G. C. Berkouwer s Studies in Dogmatics, this series will provide thoughtful, concise, and read..

In Defense of Miracles


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In response to arguments against miracles raised by David Hume and Antony Flew, the editors have assembled a distinguished team of scholars to rebut the objections and set forth the positive case for God's action in history--both in theory and actua..

Readings from the First-Century World


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Readings from a variety of genres, compiled by Walter Elwell and Robert Yarbrough for the Encountering Biblical Studies series, give insight into the archaeological, theological, and sociological background of the New Testament..
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