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Where is God in a Messed-Up World?

Carswell, Roger

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This book asks (and answers) questions that people are asking about God, life and suffering. If God exists and really is a God of love, then why doesn't he stop the suffering and problems in our world? People ask this question, often in the wake of..

Following Jesus? A Reality Check

Barnes, Solly

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We live in a different world and a new kingdom paradigm; especially in comparison to the one many of us had become familiar with. The recalibration needed to get into the 'new flow' is immense and challenging - even bewildering to some. As followers ..

Crucified and Risen

Calvin, John

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To call the arrest, trial, scourging and crucifixion of Jesus Christ a miscarriage of justice is true as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough. Christ’s death on the cross was not an accident but, as his resurrection attests, was accomplished..

Following Christ

Beaken, Robert

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Following Christ is a collection of sermons and spiritual addresses given by The Revd Dr Robert Beaken in urban and rural parishes, following the Church’s liturgical year including Advent, Christmas, Candlemas, Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter..


Cameron, Caroline

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Unrestrained is the moving, sometimes frightening story of Caroline Cameron’s journey of surviving and thriving after years of horrific abuse from her husband. Caroline has approached her story with searing honesty and no-nonsense practicality and in..

Mentoring Like Jesus

Merchant, Brad

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While the Bible doesn’t directly tell us what mentoring is, it certainly gives examples of what it looks like. The Apostle Paul exhorted Timothy to take all that he had learned from him and to “entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach other..

Is Your Future Secure?

Colgan, Aaron

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An 18 page attractively designed full colour booklet suitable for evangelism purposes, Is Your Future Secure? Explores the meaning of life from a biblical perspective, giving a clear gospel message. Covering topics under the headings, Infinity, Etern..

Collected Writings of E.W. Rogers

Wishart, Mervyn

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A great book for those interested in biblical study from the pen of E W Rogers.This is the first volume in a new series of collected writings that have been taken from sermons preached and articles written over the lifetime of this great preacher. Su..

Restoring the Shattered Self

Gingrich, Heather Davediuk

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Nearly every professional counselor will encounter clients with a history of complex trauma. Yet many counselors are not adequately prepared to help those suffering from complex posttraumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), including survivors of child abu..

Mission to Soho

Toogood, Michael

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Here is an honest and robust account of what it takes to be a cross-cultural missionary in the most degraded yet colourful area of a great city—the city is London and the culture is Soho. It is the story of urban church planting in all its raw and r..

Wonder Zone Lab Book, 8-11yrs


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New Lease of Life?, A

Neal, Tony; Francis, Leslie J.

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The number of retired clergy in the Church of England now exceeds that of those in active stipendiary ministry. While some clergy spend much of their life in retirement involved in the life and ministry of the Church, others feel that their gifts and..

Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Aftermath of Abuse


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While forgiveness and reconciliation are central themes in the church’s proclamation of the gospel, superficial understandings that separate them from justice and repentance have serious consequences for Christian ministry to survivors and perpetrato..

Marriage Ministry

Thomas, Paul

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This clear and comprehensive guide addresses all that ministers need to know to about conducting weddings well. Ideal for curates, training incumbents, ordinands and those who teach them, it combines information on legal requirements, service planni..

Listening and Spiritual Conversations

Pickering, Sue

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This essential new companion from the author of the much-praised Spiritual Direction will help anyone in pastoral care master an essential skill: hearing and speaking from a spiritual perspective. A comprehensive and practical handbook, it includes:..

Service – How Do I Give Back?

Timmis, Steve

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For those who trust Jesus and want to live for him, it doesn’t take long to run into the idea that we have been blessed by God so that we will be a blessing to others. The nitty gritty of that service, though, isn’t easy. It can be tedious, and it’s ..

Relationships – How Do I Make Things Right?

Dickens, Sharon

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We all have relationships – with parents, siblings, partners, friends. And all of our relationships are, in some way, broken. We mess things up, they mess things up, people get hurt. The Bible has a lot to say about how we should relate to other peop..

First Steps Box Set


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The First Steps series is written for people who have just started following Jesus. Using plain, everyday language each book explains something about the Christian life. The books can be worked through on your own, with a friend or mentor, or in a gr..

Equipping the Equippers

Welton, Jonathan

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The topic of the fivefold ministry-the apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor and evangelist appointed by Christ to equip His Church (Eph, 4:11) was central to two movements in previous decades: the Shepherding Movement in the 1970s, and the New Apostolic..

One Mile To Make a Difference

Sturney, Simeon

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How do we help those who have chosen the wrong path in life? We often end up supporting people who, for a variety of reasons, make poor choices resulting in a troubled life or even prison. This book is to help you as you provide support and encourage..

Song of Songs, The

Williamson, G.I.

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These eight sermons became a landmark in Rev. Williamson’s preaching ministry to his congregation and are presented here as a source of blessing to others. “In my early ministry, I said one time that the whole Bible is the Word of God, and we shoul..
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