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Welcome to the Big Academy

Big Ministries

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12 BIG Questions is a ready-to-use Bible-based resource for use with children aged 7-11. Using songs from the BIG Ministries album 'Welcome To the BIG Academy', each session looks at a BIG question including: What is worship?, Is Church important?, I..

New Disciple Handbook (pack of 10)

Rogers, Cris

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A pack of ten small, helpful 5-week handbooks for churches to hand to new Christians in order to help them spend time with God, and learn core principles for a new relationship with our Saviour. Week 1 - Wait Week 2 - Learn Week 3 - Pray Week 4 - M..

Strategy for Incorporating Biblical Counseling, A

Witt, Rush

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There has been little interaction between the biblical counseling and church planting movements, which have been developing in parallel over the past fifty years. This book explains how to strengthen church plants by incorporating a three-part strate..

Do Good to All People as You Have the Opportunity

Wind, John A.

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This book argues for a positive, biblically rigorous vision of the local church’s (and the individual Christian’s) weighty responsibility to do good to all people as they have the opportunity, as well as the continuing priority of the local church’s ..

Soul Starter Pack

Locke, Nate Morgan

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The Soul Starter Pack is a great way for churches to get started with Soul - the edition of Christianity Explored written for teenagers and young adults. It contains one DVD, two Leader's Guides and nine Handbooks and represents a 20% saving on buyi..

Behind Closed Doors

Reid, Alison

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Alison Reid tackles the tragedy of domestic abuse towards women in our society today and in even in the church – usually behind closed doors and unknown to others around. Alison was herself subjected to abuse by her father throughout her childhood an..

Preaching and Teaching from the Old Testament

Kaiser Jr., Walter C.

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With Preaching and Teaching from the Old Testament, renowned Old Testament scholar Walter Kaiser offers a helpful guide for preachers, professors, and students. Developed out of tried and tested teaching material, this book exhibits Kaiser's straight..

Anxiety: Finding Peace

Kennan, P. A.

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Mental health problems are a growing public health concern around the world today. Anxiety: Finding Peace offers a Christian perspective on the overwhelming pressures of modern life. Using scripture, research and anecdotes P. A. Kennan, bestselling a..

HeartShaper Curriculum: Primary Edition, Volume 2


Spiral Bound
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HeartShaper Children's Curriculum is designed to help children in your Sunday school or activity club discover God through His Word. Each session will take your group through the Bible and its key themes, encouraging a life-long love of Scripture and..

HeartShaper Curriculum: Pre-School Edition


Spiral Bound
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HeartShaper Children's Curriculum is designed to help children in your Sunday school or activity club discover God through His Word. Each session will take your group through the Bible and its key themes, encouraging a life-long love of Scripture and..

Excellent Preaching

Bartholomew, Craig

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The Bible is far more exciting and relevant to modern life than most realize. In Excellent Preaching, Craig Bartholomew explains how to preach so that the powerful message of the Bible penetrates the daily lives of your congregation. While we need t..

Lies Pastors Believe

Hartman, Dayton

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All of us are tempted to believe lies about ourselves. For many pastors, the lies we’re tempted to believe have to do with our identity: that God has called us to lead a movement, that we must sacrifice our home life for our ministry life, or that o..

Pastoral Ministry in the Real World

Wilson, Jim

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Though Scripture is timeless and unchanging, the world in which pastors must minister is never the same. Pastoral Ministry in the Real World applies the enduring truths of the Bible to the pastor’s work in messy situations where the old categories no..

Unbelief and Revolution

Van Prinsterer, Groen

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God’s word illumines the darkness of society. Groen van Prinsterer’s Unbelief and Revolution is a foundational work addressing the inherent tension between religion and modernity. As a historian and politician, Groen was intimately familiar with the..

Impact Preaching

Wilson, Jim; Watson, R. Gregg;

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This comprehensive and engaging manual aids preachers in keeping the transformative meaning and impact of the biblical text intact through all hermeneutical and homiletical processes. While this approach applies to all sermon structures, the book foc..

From the Study to the Pulpit

Moseley, Allan

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Many pastors struggle with preaching the Old Testament. As a professor and pastor, Allan Moseley's vast experience and knowledge go a long way in helping expositors enrich their pulpit ministry. The purpose of his book is to offer both exegetical an..

Pastor’s Life, The

Haste, Matthew D.

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The men whose stories appear in this book made up a network of pastors. Through personal contact, or influence, or by reading each other’s books, they were bound together in a spiritual brotherhood. They shared a common burden to see God glorified, h..

Mercifully Short...

Cary, James

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People looking for funny, short sketches for Christmas A simple humorous delivery of the Christmas story James Cary is a television and radio writer. He is the creator and writer of BBC Radio 4’s award-winning comedy Think the Unthinkable and lead ..

Living the Conversation

Price, Holly

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Want to communicate Jesus authentically in all you say and do? This guidebook offers practical steps to make mission integral to your everyday life. For anyone who wants to share the good news but struggles to bring it into conversations. This short..

Discovering Jesus through Asian Eyes Sample Pack

Thorne, Clive; Thomson, Robin

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Many people have misconceptions and misunderstandings of what Christianity is all about, and perhaps know very little about who Jesus is and what he taught. The Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course is designed to address these questions from ..

CY Starter Pack

Christianity Explored

Multiple Copy Pack
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The CY Starter Pack is a great way for churches to get started with the CY course. It contains two Leader's Guides and nine Handbooks and represents a 20% saving on buying them separately. CY is perfect for introducing Jesus to 11-14 year olds from ..

Pastoral Principles Cards


Postcard Book
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As communities of Christians we are held together in the love of Christ. Our many differences are gifts that can build us up in trust and mutual affection, or they can mar the image of Christ that we are called to reflect through our life together. T..

Campus Lights

Cawley, Luke

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A meeting in a restaurant in Eastern Europe is suddenly interrupted by secret police. Public artworks are installed in a Guatemalan town to confront injustice perpetrated by gangs and government. A ministry begins in the Solomon Islands where none ex..

Gospel Project: Kids Leader Kit, Summer 2019


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The Gospel Project for Kids: Volume 4: A Kingdom Provided Kids Leader Kit provides the starting resources needed for each volume. Contents include: DVD with Bible Story videos, Questions from Kids videos, Music motion videos, and Lyric videos Enhanc..
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