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Sleep On It!

Lee, Nate

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Healing Together

Miller, Anne

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Sex is such an intimate topic historically wrapped in shame and when someone shares they were sexually abused, we may not know how to respond. With recent #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements, we are learning just how many men, women, boys, and girls hav..

SCM Studyguide: Practical Skills for Ministry

Pratt, Andrew

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The SCM Studyguide: Practical Skills for Ministry offers a practical introduction for those who are training for ministry, both lay and ordained. Those who are already working as ministers will find it a refreshing source of advice and help to enable..

Where to Start with Islam

Green, Samuel

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“I wrote this book to help Christians know where to start when it comes to understanding Islam and talking with their Muslim friends about the gospel. In my experience, the starting point is key…” Samuel Green has spent more than two decades speaki..

Power of God's Names Personal Bible Study Book, The

Evans, Tony

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The Power of God's Names - Personal Bible Study includes individual study and learning activities five days a week and Scriptures that reveal the meanings of God's names. To fully grasp the significance and power of knowing God's names, you first nee..

Simple Gospel, The

Jack, Ben

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Have we settled for a shallow and comfortable understanding of the gospel? The world-transforming story of Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection is all too often surrounded by confusion and misunderstanding, but to live it authentically and sha..

Only One, The

Sergeant, Curtis

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The Movement Starts with You Do you doubt you can actually make a difference in the world? Do you struggle with knowing how to express your faith in the daily routines of life? The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God shares simple approaches ..

If Only I Knew... Why God Allows Suffering

Chrispin, Gerard

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Have you ever wondered... If there is a God of love, why is there all this suffering in the world? That question is often asked; perhaps you ask it yourself sometimes. Some people claim that the problem of suffering prevents them believing in God. Ot..

If Only I Knew... How to Become a Real Christian

Chrispin, Gerard

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First, why think about becoming a Christian? Jesus Christ was born over 2,000 years ago and confusion still reigns about what a Christian is. The word Christian is used loosely today. It can mean almost anything. In this booklet that word reflects th..

If Only I Knew... How Can I Find God Today

Chrispin, Gerard

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Man is naturally inquisitive. To find answers to questions, some have risked their lives or even perished in pioneering space missions, climbing mountains or exploring the oceans’ depths. Man’s inbuilt desire to know God is more compelling still. But..

If Only I Knew... How Can God Accept Me

Chrispin, Gerard

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Do you find that sometimes your failures have not worried you at all? Unless, of course, you have been found out and have suffered as a result, or feared that you might suffer? Have you sometimes experienced twinges of conscience, and wondered ‘Why a..

Wonder Zone


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Welcome to Wonder Zone! Join your Lab and explore some great scientific discoveries. Find out who God is and how exploring science and following him can go hand in hand. The Researchers and Lab Technicians are ready to help Scientists (the children)..

Under Construction

O'Boyle, Neil

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Imagine yourself as a house under construction. What does it mean to develop as a follower of Jesus? Jesus wants to remake us, from the ground up, to reconstruct us so that we become the people he had in mind. Christians are built on his firm founda..

Dying for Heaven...?

Gravatt, Derek

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DEATH, the guaranteed conversation stopper! And this not just in society at large but, sadly, for many Christians as well. By looking at the Bible’s real life histories of those facing up to the problems created by death, this little book aims to ope..

Zondervan Pastor's Annual 2020, The

Crabtree, T. T.

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Countless preachers have turned to the Zondervan Pastor's Annual to save them time in sermon and service preparation. This tried-and-true resource makes your demanding job as a pastor a lot easier. Use its contents as is, or tailor it to fit your uni..

Gospel Project: Younger Kids Activity Pages, Fall 2019


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The Gospel Project for Kids: Younger Kids Activity Pages engages younger kids during class time and includes one page per session filled with activities that reinforce learning as well as a coloring page. Content to help families continue the learnin..

Welcome to the Big Academy

Big Ministries

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12 BIG Questions is a ready-to-use Bible-based resource for use with children aged 7-11. Using songs from the BIG Ministries album 'Welcome To the BIG Academy', each session looks at a BIG question including: What is worship?, Is Church important?, I..

New Disciple Handbook (pack of 10)

Rogers, Cris

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A pack of ten small, helpful 5-week handbooks for churches to hand to new Christians in order to help them spend time with God, and learn core principles for a new relationship with our Saviour. Week 1 - Wait Week 2 - Learn Week 3 - Pray Week 4 - M..

Homegrown Bible Study Book

Straub, Josh; Straub, Christi

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As parents, we want to raise children who know God, love Him, and share His love with the world. But raising kids who live out such faith is less about our own parenting skills and more about God’s power. When the Holy Spirit lives through us, we m..

Strategy for Incorporating Biblical Counseling, A

Witt, Rush

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There has been little interaction between the biblical counseling and church planting movements, which have been developing in parallel over the past fifty years. This book explains how to strengthen church plants by incorporating a three-part strate..

Do Good to All People as You Have the Opportunity

Wind, John A.

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This book argues for a positive, biblically rigorous vision of the local church’s (and the individual Christian’s) weighty responsibility to do good to all people as they have the opportunity, as well as the continuing priority of the local church’s ..

Tell It Together Gospel: Mark, The

Gooder, Paula; Hartman, Bob

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A fresh new translation of Mark's Gospel by renowned Biblical scholar Dr Paula Gooder, with interactive storytelling tips from well-known children's author and performer Bob Hartman. Ideal for use in churches, in all-age worship, in children's groups..

Soul Starter Pack

Locke, Nate Morgan

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The Soul Starter Pack is a great way for churches to get started with Soul - the edition of Christianity Explored written for teenagers and young adults. It contains one DVD, two Leader's Guides and nine Handbooks and represents a 20% saving on buyi..

Behind Closed Doors

Reid, Alison

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Alison Reid tackles the tragedy of domestic abuse towards women in our society today and in even in the church – usually behind closed doors and unknown to others around. Alison was herself subjected to abuse by her father throughout her childhood an..
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