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Mind Muddler, The

Boddam-Whetham, Jo

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"God made our minds to run on his track but instead we chose the track that was cracked. Like fools we live in a tunnel of lies; and fools without God can never be wise." Based on the opening chapter of Romans, this book engages children with fun..

Christianity: The Basics

Yiangou, Maria

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Many Christians walk into church today with very little to no knowledge on Christian basics. This book aims to help new Christians understand basic principles such as the need for being baptised, the importance of prayer and reading the Bible and wha..

So the Next Generation Will Know

McDowell, Sean; Wallace, J. Wa

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As Gen Z leaves the church in record numbers, the adults in their lives feel at a loss to stop the trend. Yet there are research-based and proven strategies that help young people both own their faith and effectively engage the world around them. Sea..

Special God

Melilli, Julie; Stevens, Matt

Hard Cover
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Written to make the truths of the gospel accessible to children, this book uses simple illustrations and concrete, easy-to-understand language to explain important theological ideas, such as sin, heaven, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit. Each of the 25..

So, What Is the Gospel?

Mackenzie, Carine

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Discover the good news about Jesus. Find out about who Jesus is, why he came and how you really need to trust in him. So, What Is the Gospel? explains the whole story of the Bible in simple terms for young children – and addresses how this good news ..

Bible History ABCs

Nichols, Stephen J.

Hard Cover
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For kids to understand the Bible, they need to understand its entire story from beginning to end. Following up The Church History ABCs and Reformation ABCs, this one-of-a-kind book for ages 2–7 follows the timeline of the Bible from A to Z—beginning ..

Forensic Faith For Kids

Wallace, J. Warner; Wallace, S

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Several young detective cadets investigate a mystery involving a Corgi puppy as they learn real detective skills that will help them understand and share the truth about Jesus. Many young believers want to tell others about their relationship with Je..

God's Generals For Kids, Volume 3

Liardon, Roberts

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Newly released and enhanced Volume Three, John Alexander Dowie now includes an updated study section with cross curricular themes, suitable for home schooling groups This very popular book takes a look at the life and ministry of John Alexander Dowie..

God's Generals For Kids, Volume 4

Liardon, Roberts

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"Newly released and enhanced Volume Four, Maria Woodworth-Etter now includes an updated study section with cross curricular themes, suitable for home schooling groups This very popular book takes a look at the story of Maria Woodworth Etter. She had ..

God's Little Guidebook

Scrimshire, Hazel

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Sam and Katy have lots of things to do and learn. There are friends to play with and places to visit. There are so many things to do each day but there is one person that they always have to trust and obey. Sam and Katy learn about God’s Ten Commandm..

That's So Weird!


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Many children are familiar with Moses, David, Jesus, and other well-known Bible characters, but this book of fun and unusual trivia introduces the people of the Bible in a whole new way! Geard toward emerging readers, this colorful, graphically fresh..

Curious Kid's Guide To Heroes And Villains Of The Bible, The


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Does the Bible really have heroes and villains? This exciting book answers that question with an emphatic “Yes!” as it dives into the courageous acts and cunning plots of the Bible’s most famous and infamous characters. Readers can investigate each p..

Love Made

Aragon, Quina

Hard Cover
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God Made All Things Out of Love The joy of the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—has existed for all eternity. That indescribable joy bubbled over to make creation. God made so many wonderful things, but we are by far His greatest work of art. Sha..

Quinn's Promise Rock

Thomas, Christie

Hard Cover
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Help Your Child Grab Hold of God's Promises Quinn, the thoughtful little owl, has a lot of worries and questions for her father. 'What if I get lost?' 'What if you dive and I don't notice?' 'What if you get too far ahead of me and I can't find you?' ..


Newell, Ted; Dockery, David S.

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Education has the power to shape a culture, influencing the formation and transmission of cherished traditions, foundational narratives, and core values across generations. This guide seeks to reclaim a vision for a distinctly Christian approach to e..

God Loves Me

Carmichael, Stephanie

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The first three or four years of a child’s life are a wonderful time. Children are discovering so much about themselves and about their world. It is a delight—and often lots of fun—to watch the changes taking place in front of our eyes. Helping a chi..

Why God?

Dewitt, Dan

Hard Cover
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It’s often hard to keep up with all the questions that come from children’s inquisitive minds and active mouths, and the challenge is never bigger than when they ask the biggest questions of all— Who is God? Where did He come from? Why should I belie..


Stanley, Andy

Hard Cover
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Once upon a time there existed a version of our faith worth living and dying for, something the world found irresistible. Men and women pursued it at the risk of persecution, job loss, and eviction from their homes, temples, and society. What if we a..

And God Made The Beasts...

Brown, Alison

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When did dinosaurs live? Can we believe everything we read about them? Are they ever mentioned in the Bible? Children ask us these important questions & they deserve honest answers.  If we shroud the dinosaur issue in mystery or suggest that the Bibl..

God Always Keeps His Promises

Lucado, Max

Hard Cover
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Share God’s faithfulness and love with your child through Max Lucado’s new children’s book,  God Always Keeps His Promises . Based on the promises of God, children will see that God is completely trustworthy to keep His promises. Just like He did in ..

That Little Voice in My Head

Naselli, Andrew David

Hard Cover
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When that little voice in your head tells you that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing, do you listen to it? Emma is a little girl whose Mommy explains to her that the little voice in her head is her conscience – a gift from God that tells her w..

We All Share

Munns, Mina

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If you have ever wondered how you can help the very youngest children in our churches to connect with the story of Holy Communion, then We All Share is what you have been looking for! Children under 5 have an amazing capacity for worship and connecti..

Preparing For Baptism

McConnell, Mez

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Being baptised as a believer is a very significant event. So it is vital that the meaning of baptism is clearly understood and the kind of life that baptism commits us to is properly appreciated. Preparing for Baptism – A personal diary is designed ..

God Made ou And Me

Linne, Shai

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How can we help children learn to celebrate ethnic differences? Shai Linne authored this delightful book set in a classroom where the children are teasing each other about the color of their skin. Their teacher helps them to understand that ethnic di..
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