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Praying Luther's Small Catechism

Pless, John T.

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That little book called Luther’s Small Catechism is the one you see stacked in church classrooms and tucked under teenage arms, filled with their scribbles and spiritual growth. Decades later, the same small book is often collecting dust on shelves i..


Spong, John, Shelby

Hard Cover
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Five hundred years after Martin Luther and his Ninety-Five Theses ushered in the Reformation, bestselling author and controversial bishop and teacher John Shelby Spong delivers twelve forward-thinking theses to spark a new reformation to reinvigorate..

Church, The

Johnston, Mark G

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The church is the oldest surviving institution in the history of the world. It has changed lives and shaped nations. It has been loved, hated, and ignored in equal measure. But what is the church, and why is it important to understand its purpose in ..

Hero Maker

Ferguson, Dave; Bird, Warren

Hard Cover
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Everybody wants to be a hero, but few understand the power of being a hero maker. In  Hero Maker  you will learn how to bring real change to your church and community by developing the practical skills to help others reach their leadership potential...

Sustaining Leadership

Swann, Paul

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Through telling my story of brokenness and fragility through to healing and restoration, this book offers an insight into that journey and draws from it lessons for not only surviving but thriving in ministry. This honest account gets to the heart of..

Common Worship Lectionary & BCP 2019 Spiral Bound


Spiral Bound
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The SPCK Lectionary provides a completely redesigned and clearly laid-out presentation of the Common Worship calendar and lectionary, with BCP readings on the same page. Sundays and major festivals are covered, as well as weekday...

Designed To Lead

Geiger, Eric; Peck, Kevin

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Most churches merely exist. Many churches do not develop leaders intentionally and consistently. When leaders emerge from some churches, it is often by accident. Something is missing. Something is o . Authors Eric Geiger (co-author of bestselling Sim..

Who Moved My Pulpit?

Rainer, Thom S.

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Nine out of ten churches in America are either declining or growing slower than the community in which they are located. Stated simply, 90 percent of American churches are losing ground in their communities. Change is not an option; it is an urgent n..

Autopsy Of A Deceased Church

Rainer, Thom S.

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No one wants to see a church die. And yet, far too many churches are dying. For more than twenty-fi ve years, Dr. Thom Rainer has helped churches grow, reverse the trends of decline and has autopsied those that have died. From this experience, he has..

Taking The World For Jesus

Swanson, Kevin

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This is the account of the most exciting story in all of human history. Something truly remarkable occurred when Jesus Christ rose from the dead and gave His disciples a great commission. The world would never be the same again. Kevin Swanson takes t..

Church At Antioch, The

Nelson, William

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In this book we are invited to travel back in time to the year AD 45 and to the city of Antioch, an important trade, commercial and cultural centre, but also the location of the first Gentile church to be mentioned in the Bible. It was here that foll..

On the Brink

Werner, Clay

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As we learn from Christ’s crucifixion, any decision to sacrificially love sinners is going to hurt—really hurt. And our own sin makes things even messier. Pastors and church leaders know both sides of this well. In fact, many pastors leave the minist..

For the World

Holcomb, Justin S.; Lucke, Gle

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Richard L. Pratt Jr. (Th.D., Harvard University) is President and Founder of Third Millennium Ministries, an organization formed in 1997 to provide free biblical education “for the world.” Many around the world have benefitted from his decades of cog..

Princeton Seminary (1812–1929)

Steward, Gary L.

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Princeton Theological Seminary recently celebrated its bicentennial. Many of the key ideas of the modern era, and Christian responses to them, were formulated between the time of its founding and the early twentieth century—this is the “Old Princeton..

Give Praise to God

Ryken, Philip Graham

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Old, Mohler, Clowney, Godfrey, Horton, and others write on the Bible and worship, elements of worship, preparing for worship, and worship, history and culture. “This book,” Phil Ryken writes in the introduction, “is for everyone who loves to worship ..

How Jesus Runs the Church

Waters, Guy Prentiss

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Few books on church leadership, eldership, and the diaconate address their biblical foundations for a contemporary audience. Waters provides pastors, elders, and others with a greater understanding of how to govern the church...

Aliens in the Promised Land

Bradley, Anthony B.

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In an age when church growth is centered in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, evangelicalism must adapt to changing demographics or risk becoming irrelevant. Yet many evangelicals behave “tribally”—valuing the perspective of only those like themselves..

What is Church Government?

Lucas, Sean Michael

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Many people are Presbyterian without having thought through what stands at the heart of Presbyterianism: church polity. This booklet serves as a basic introduction to Presbyterian church government, useful for new members or officers training classes..

Divided We Fall

Whitlock, Luder G.

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Throughout the centuries, Christians have longed to be united with one another—supporting each other and working in harmony. But our reality is very different, and we need only to read the New Testament to realize that disunity has been with us from ..

Shepherd Leader, The

Witmer, Timothy Z.

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Church leaders are called to be shepherds, not a board of directors. Witmer unpacks four primary ministries of shepherds and seven elements needed for an effective personal shepherding ministry among the people...

1 & 2 Thessalonians

Nielson, Kathleen

Spiral Bound
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The apostle Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians form part of an exciting, complex story of the growth of the New Testament church. We live in a time increasingly like Paul's, when the church all over the known world is growing amid all kinds of aggre..

20 Controversies That Almost Killed A Church

Ganz, Richard L.

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Revisits the controversies that threatened the Corinthian church, showing us both the snares to avoid and the goal of godliness to pursue...

Where in the World Is the Church?

Horton, Michael

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Have Christians misunderstood what it means to be in the world but not of it? Has the church, in a sense, neglected the world to the detriment of all? Michael S. Horton has written Where in the World is the Church? for “those Christians who struggle ..

Defending the Faith

Hart, Darryl G.

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A study of Machen’s thought and career that says much about the issues that unsettled mainstream Protestantism’s hold on American intellectual and cultural life...
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