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Lord's Supper


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The Lord's Supper is something all Christians celebrate. But what does mean? You will experience the Lord's Supper in a fresh way as you find out about the 7 key themes and 5 reasons Christians should make it an important part of their worship. Inclu..

Baptism Comparison


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Baptism is important for all Christians who wish to follow Christ's teachings. This Baptism Comparison pamphlet is a quick, clear summary of the biblical teachings on baptism and compares methods practiced by Christians around the world. ..

Believer's Baptism


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Baptism is one of the most important practices in the church, something that Jesus calls his followers to do. Packed with simple summaries, this baptism pamphlet covers what baptism is, why we should be baptized, and more. Perfect for individual use,..

Experiencing Baptism & Communion

Drury, Keith

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For over two thousand years, the church has practiced two rituals that are vital for growing in grace--baptism and communion. These outward acts are beautiful metaphors for the inner work of grace God does in our lives. You will grow in your faith as..


Mckenna, Kevin E.

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Being Confirmed - New Ed

Aiken, Nick

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Being Confirmed has been written to help answer all those tricky questions that come up when preparing for confirmation but is also for those who wish to remind themselves of the promises they made at their first public commitment to Christ. Nick Ai..

Revised Catechism, The Re-Issue


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Authorised by the General Synod of the Church of England..

Common Worship: Holy Communion Order One


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Includes the text of the Order One service, all eight eucharistic prayers, and supplementary texts including a form of preparation, penitential material, the Apostles Creed, a selection of prayers at the preparation of the table and a selection of pr..

Common Worship: Marriage - New Edition


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Presents the Common Worship Marriage Service, the structure for a marriage within a Celebration of Holy Communion and a selection of supplementary texts, including Bible readings, alternative vows and additional prayers. Suitable as an order of servi..

Remember Him

Alexander, James W.

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What does the Lord’s Supper represent? Who ought to come to it? What should they think about before, during and after the service? These and related questions are answered in this easily-read book. It was written particularly for those who, having pr..

PP The Lord's Supper

Watson, Thomas

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To Thomas Watson, the Lord’s Supper was a visible sermon, a mirror in which to gaze on the sufferings and death of Christ. ‘God, to help our faith, does not only give us an audible Word, but a visible sign.’ But more than this, the Supper was a time ..

John Owen On Lord's Supper H/b

Payne, Jon

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In John Owen on the Lord’s Supper, Jon D. Payne has set out to rescue Owen’s teaching on the Supper from this neglect. He sets the scene by outlining Owen’s life and teaching. He then goes on to examine the development of Reformed teaching on the Sup..

Preparing For Baptism

Chester, Tim

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Like a window, baptism helps us see what a Christian is and what it means to live the Christian life. Baptism expresses a Christian’s new hope, new family and new life. It’s like a funeral, naming ceremony and wedding rolled into one! This three-ses..

What Is The Lord's Supper?

Sproul, R. C.

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"The evangelical church is deeply confused over the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, with many believers being unclear as to what happens at the Lord’s Table. In some churches, it is practiced infrequently or irreverently. In this booklet, Dr. R. C. ..

Common Worship: Holy Communion Order One (Large Format)


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Taken from the Church of England's Common Worship liturgy, this large print booklet contains the text of the Order One service, all eight Eucharistic prayers and supplementary texts including penitential material, the apostles creed, prayers at the p..

Welcome To The Lord's Table, Activity Book: 3rd Edition

Withers, Margaret

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Every page in this book has been designed to help you mark a very important journey. Step by step it will help you to learn all about belonging to God's family. So it's about you and God. You can fill in the pages by yourself or with the help of a g..
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