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Hope Beyond Coronavirus

Carswell, Roger

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This is an evangelistic tract that winsomely shares the gospel, and talks into the situation of Coronavirus. It is ideal to give away to friends and neighbours and in large numbers...

Case of the Empty Tomb, The


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This sharply written and wittily illustrated booklet persuasively presents the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Designed as a short booklet for passing on to the curious, the apathetic or the sceptic, it will prompt a serious consid..

Victory to Celebrate, A

Carswell, Roger

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Written to commemorate 75 years since VE Day, Roger Carswell has pulled together the memories and stories from 1945 and uses this to anchor a gospel message. This tract will be perfect for individuals and churches to give away during VE street parti..

Big Picture, The

Ramasami, Jason

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A B1 (707 x 1000 mm) foldout concertina full colour tract based on Luke 24:44: “Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me …’. With stunning visuals this unfolding tract is perfect for visual learners and will be particularly useful for t..

Scripture Memory Verse Cards (pack of 30)


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There are thirty different scripture memory verse cards which are broken down into four categories: healing, revival, encouragement and warfare. Depending on the category, the card has other relevant bible verses on the reverse. Cards may be requeste..

About My Father's Evangelistic Card (pack of 20)


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We call these "About My Father's Business Cards". There are twenty different designs with each one having, on the reverse, the words of John 3:16 and an invitation to come into relationship with the Lord. Cards may be requested as a pack of twenty di..

Murder on Christmas Eve

Greaves, Stuart

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Alan Greaves was headline news in 2012 when he was fatally attacked just before midnight on Christmas Eve. He was walking to his local church to play the organ for a Christmas service that would focus on Jesus, the Saviour of the world. Where does “..

Happily Ever After

Allcock, Jonty

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We all long for “happily ever afters”. But let’s face it, life’s just not like that! Or is it? This evangelistic book takes readers through the Easter story. Good Friday looked like a bad ending to Jesus’ story. But Easter Sunday changed everything...

Eyewitness (pack of 25)

Thorne, Helen

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A short pre-evangelistic tract for young people written to encourage them to realise that the cross and resurrection are real events and ones with real implications. The narrative retelling of the passion story from the perspective of an eyewitness e..

Great Swap (pack of 25), The

Mitchell, Alison

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This colourful leaflet for children is based on the "thief on the cross" in Luke 23. It is ideal for use in children's groups, summer camps or giving away at Easter services. Suitable for use with ages 6-12, and at any time of year. Featuring: • Cod..

Easter Mystery (pack of 25), The

Mitchell, Alison

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“The Easter Mystery” is based on the empty tomb in Luke 24 v 1-8. It is ideal for use in children’s groups, at holiday clubs or giving away at Easter events. Suitable for use with ages 6-12...

Birth Announcement Christmas Tract


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The birth of a baby is great news to share with world. But perhaps the strangest series of birth announcements of all time was when a child born in poverty was talked about by prophets hundreds of years beforehand, promised by an archangel to a young..

Colours of Christmas, The


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Christmas is a colourful time of year. There are sparkling lights and rainbow wrapping. Green trees, red ribbon and shimmering decorations. But the first Christmas had all the makings of being grey and dreary. A young couple are forced into makeshif..

Dressing Up Box, The

Jones, Rachel

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"The Dressing Up Box" uses the theme of dressing up to show how God knows what we're like underneath, but can forgive and change us. It is ideal for use in children's groups, or giving away to Trick or Treaters at Halloween. Suitable for use with ag..

Life To The Full Christmas Tract

Thornborough, Tim

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Christmas – love it! Christianity – not so sure... Christmas is all about fun and life; but religion seems a bit boring and restrictive. I can do without it. If that’s the way you think, then you’re not alone. Closed or thinly attended churches sho..

End Of The Road?


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Every year, people all over the world celebrate Easter as they commemorate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. But what was it really like when Jesus was crucified outside the city walls of Jerusalem? This short guide takes you behind the scenes of th..

Two Ways To Live

Payne, Tony; Jenson, Phillip

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The message at the heart of Christianity is really quite simple – simple enough to be outlined in this little 20–page, full–colour booklet. It is a message from the Bible about God and his Son, Jesus. It is about life and death, and the choice that w..

ABCDEFG Of Salvation, The

Currie, Peter

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Some may have heard of the ABC of becoming a Christian. However, some time ago, Peter Currie thought of trying to extend this to include the Christian life and the certain hope of heaven. This little booklet is the result. It is not written with theo..

Meaning of Easter, The (Pack of 25)


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The resurrection proved Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice was fully accepted by his Father. This truth about Easter invites all to trust in Christ...

Marriage: Expecting the Expected (Pack of 25)


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Paul David Tripp points readers to 3 realities from Scripture that help shape our understanding of marriage in a fallen world...

Finding Contentment (Pack of 25)


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This tract presents an offer to trust in the God who is content—the only source of true and lasting contentment...
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