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Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies, The

Harvey, Susan Ashbrook; Hunter

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The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies responds to and celebrates the explosion of research in this inter-disciplinary field over recent decades. As a one-volume reference work, it provides an introduction to the academic study of early Chris..

Reformation Reboot!

Yeulett, Paul F.

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Reformation Reboot!: the need of the 21st-century church arises from very careful thought about the need of todays church. Paul Yeulett is unquestionably in favour of the sixteenth-century Reformation, but sees the need for a fresh look at the church..

Transforming Leadership

Ford, Leighton

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A book for leaders, by leaders, about the greatest leader of them all. In our rapidly changing and ever more complex world, we suffer a crisis of leadership. Leighton Ford sees the growing dearth of bold leaders--in the marketplace, religion and pub..

Ministry of the Psalmist, The

Inglis, Tom

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One of the most comprehensive books written for the equipping music ministers. Every pastor, musician and singer should read this book, as well as those who love to worship. This book is an important timely text, for everyone involved in music mini..

Common Worship: Morning and Evening Prayer


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Presents Morning and Evening Prayer services in traditional language, taken from The Book of Common Prayer. It also includes prayers, the Litany and Canticles from the same...

Promise of the Presence, The

Leppitt, Alun

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The Promise of the Presence inspires with a compelling vision of the effects of pure, unadulterated worship " worship with such abandon and passion that God is able to pour out on us the abundance of his presence. In that presence, so tangible and h..

Beyond Sundays

Jacobsen, Wayne

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People are abandoning our religious institutions in droves. In the last few decades sixty-five million Americans who once attended a local church, no longer do. About half of those no longer self-identify as Christian, but over thirty-one million s..

For Good

Wells, Samuel; Rook, Russell;

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It is often claimed that local churches provide a significant proportion of social care today. This important new study considers the reality of the church's involvement to offer compelling and concrete recommendations for the future. It proposes a ..

Journey to the Mayflower, The

Tomkins, Stephen

Hard Cover
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2020 sees the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower - the ship that took the Pilgrim Fathers to the New World. It's a foundational event in American history, but it began as an English story, which pioneered the idea of religious freedom...

Doing Church

Venter, Alexander

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Church Representation Rules 2020


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Church Representation Rules is a vital tool for all those involved in parochial, diocesan and national Church governance. This 2020 edition presents an entirely new text of the Church Representation Rules, replacing the previous Rules established in..

Reimagine Church

Harding, Nic

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Clarify the win. The Church has been run in much the same way for decades. We’ve run programs, services, built buildings and run conferences. But have we ever clarified the win? What would it look like if we really achieved the thing that is most on ..

African Christian Leadership

Priest, Robert J.; Barine, Kir

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The expansion of Christianity in Africa has created opportunities for Christian leadership. Young congregations now provide local platforms for spiritual and social direction, with Schools and Universities providing educational opportunities. African..

Ten of the Largest Church Ministries Touching the World

Towns, Elmer

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Wisdom from Some of the Greatest Church Leaders of our Time Ten of the Largest Church Ministries Touching the World is not just about ten big church ministries. It is about the various ways these leaders plant churches, and the unique strategies they..

Covenanters, The

Hewison, J. K.

Hard Cover
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Porter, Matthew

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'Overflow' finds a clear biblical example of a resource church (local churches which exist to influence their region by growing and planting on a regular basis) described in Acts at Antioch, and provides suggestions of lessons we can learn from that ..

Rise and Fall of Movements, The

Addison, Steve

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A ministry is what you can do with the help of others. A movement is what God can do when you let go of control and multiply disciples and churches. Drawing on the life and ministry of Jesus, and with reflections on past and present movements, Steve ..

Church 3.0

Cole, Neil

Hard Cover
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Neil Cole's best-selling book Organic Church described the fastest growing segment of contemporary Christianity-the so-called organic church. Now in this next-step book, he answers questions about how to deal with theological and organizational issue..

Rising Tides

Cole, Neil

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We stand on the edge of an opportunity unlike any in history. Every moment we hesitate, the distance between irrelevance and influence grows exponentially. Our time is now. Today’s culture is defined by four exponential growth trends: the population..

Simply Church

Dendy, Sim

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From his experience of both attending and leading churches, Sim Dendy asks some of the obvious questions about church, just in case there’s something we could be doing differently. The local church should be God’s great hope for the world – have we s..

Newman: The Heart of Holiness

Strange, Roderick

Hard Cover
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Newman: The Heart of Holiness looks at the model of holiness Newman offers us to us all, on the occasion of his canonisation, a moment the Church recognises officially that Newman offers a model of holiness that is relevant for the Universal Church. ..

Letters to the Church

Chan, Francis

Hard Cover
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If God had it His way, what would your church look like? The New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love challenges readers to be the Church as God intends. Do you want more from your church experience? Does the pure gospel put you in a place of..

7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

Coleman, Kate

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For the first time in modern history, God is placing women in strategic positions of influence and leadership within the church, public, corporate, charity and voluntary sectors, in unprecedented numbers. Women are called to flourish in these arenas...

Never Trust a Leader Without a Limp

Schroder, Glenn; Wimber, Carol

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John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard movement had a unique ability to capture truth in pithy little phrases. “The meat’s in the street,” “Doin’ the Stuff,” and “Come as you are” are just of few of those phrases that distinguished the Vineyard movemen..
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