Invite people in your community to be part of your church family for special holiday events or any Sunday of the year with the Common English Bible Outreach New Testament Kit. This New Testament contains the easy to read story of the man who still brings peace to the world. It’s the story of Jesus, who has billions of followers called Christians. It’s a story that can change hearts and lives when people meet this Giver of Peace. Convenient kits include 50 door-hanger bags, 56 customizable invitation cards, and 50 New Testaments, making it simple to share the Gospel message with those who have never been part of a church family—and make those who have been away from church feel welcomed back. New Testament also available individually (9781609260767). ABOUT THE TRANSLATION: The Common English Bible translates the words and insights of the Bible from the everyday language of the original texts to our everyday language. By avoiding obscure words and outdated phrases, this fresh translation is accessible to both young and old, believers and seekers. NEW TESTAMENT FEATURES: 5 1/2' x 8 1/2' 9 point type 288 pages Two-column setting with black letter text 90-day plan to read through the New Testament Index to passages about everyday life situations In-text subject headings POSTCARD FEATURES: 56 customizable 'You are Invited' postcards Four postcards per sheet Use with Avery Postcard template #3263 for easy printing DOORHANGER BAG FEATURES: 50 clear doorhanger bags 7' x 15' bag 1 1/2' door knob hole

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