This biography explores the inspiring lives of Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand, telling the complete story in one volume for the first time! On 29th February 1948 Richard Wurmbrand was arrested by the secret police. His crimes? Leading Christian worship and witnessing - both of which were illegal under the atheistic Communist regime of Romania. He also spoke up for Christ at a gathering of party officials and religious leaders. Because of his faithfulness to Christ, he endured 14 years of prison and torture. His wife, Sabina, suffered two years of forced labour. They emerged not with melancholy or a bitter spirit, but with a story of victorious faith. Though Richard & Sabina endured intense persecution, they remained outspoken and bold about sharing their faith in the God who saved them.
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Binding ITPE
Imprint David C. Cook
Author Voice of the Martyrs, The
Publisher David C. Cook

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