What is the authentic gospel? How do we answer the sceptics? Christianity is not a religion, but God's good news for the world. This implies that it has both a divine origin and a human relevance: it comes from God and it speaks to our condition. So, before we ask, 'What is the gospel?', we need to ask, 'What is a human being?' Chapter 1: The human paradox looks at what the Bible teaches and what our experience endorses: the glory and shame of our humanness, both our dignity as creatures made in God's image and our depravity as sinners under his judgement. Chapter 2: Human freedom: what is traditionally called 'salvation', seen in terms of 'authentic freedom'. Chapters 3 and 4: The central themes of the death and resurrection of Jesus, securing our freedom. This section also looks at a number of objections and denials. Chapter 5: The far-reaching implications, both for faith and for life. Radical indeed is the discipleship which takes all of this and Christ's lordship seriously. It's nothing short of a life-changing message.
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Binding Paperback
Pages 128
Author Stott, John
Publisher IVP UK

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