People who pray are those who break through, who hold on, who stand in the gap, who will not be silent, and even who change history. But they are also those who wait in the silence, sometimes in the sorrows—who ‘stand in the council of the Lord’, who contemplate his beauty and stand in awe. We need both! This book looks at the dynamic paradox of prayer: knowing how to be still and silent but also how to plead and speak. Knowing how to let go but also how to hold on. Charlie Cleverly calls this The Discipline of Intimacy. Learning this can be to learn to love God, walk with him, be changed in yourself and even—as we see for so many moving examples in this book—help change the world. For individuals and church groups, The Discipline of Intimacy is for anyone seeking help to develop their relationship with God, particularly where once-passionate hearts may have lost their spark. Presented over twelve chapters with accompanying videos and questions for reflection and discussion, readers and participants will be introduced to practical and biblically-rooted ways to experience the intimacy with God they have longed for and will have the tools to cultivate a life that is characterised by this closeness.
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Binding Paperback
Imprint David C. Cook
Author Cleverly, Charlie
Publisher David C. Cook
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