Deep Night, Bright Morning reminds readers that nobody goes entirely untouched by hurt, grief or pain. Through sharing personal stories of her own and others, as well as scripture and meditation, Anita Cleverly guides people towards the light and love of Christ and His calling on their lives. A source of love, hope and empowerment to serve Christ, Anita Cleverly’s Deep Night, Bright Morning comes alongside people experiencing adversity and tragedy, and guides them, through personal stories and scripture, towards the power, love and calling of God. When tragedy threatens to leave our dreams in tatters, Deep Night, Bright Morning comes alongside readers with the promises of hope and love. Anita Cleverly’s new book points people to God and encourages them to pursue the life He has for them.
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Paperback
Imprint David C. Cook
Pages 224
Author Cleverly, Anita
Publisher David C. Cook
Audience 01

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