Sarah stands on the brink, arms open wide as if to let the wind carry her away. She's come to the high cliffs to be alone, to face the truth about her life, to work out what to do. Her lover Jack is searching, desperate to find her before it is too late. But Sarah doesn't want to be found. Not yet. Not by him. And someone else is seeking answers up here where the seabirds soar - a man known only as the Keeper, living in an old lighthouse right on the cusp of a four-hundred-foot drop. He is all too aware that sometimes love takes you to the edge . . . 'Cole writes with human warmth and bittersweet emotion. I loved this.' Matt Haig 'An absolute thing of beauty. Fabulous.' Jane Fallon 'Tremendous speed and pace. The ending took me completely by surprise.' Jeffrey Archer 'Mesmerising and lyrical. Cole creates atmosphere you can breathe and emotion that can shred your heart.' Peter James 'A beautifully haunting read. Evocative, spiritual and deeply immersive.' Rev Kate Bottley
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Hard Cover
Imprint Marylebone House
Pages 224
Author Moreton, Cole
Publisher The Society for Promoting Chri

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