Christmas has inspired the writers of poems, songs and carols for two millennia. While the words and tunes of familiar carols are an essential part of Christmas, there is also a need for new words and reflections on this most inspirational of seasons. This book brings together Kevin Carey’s previous four volumes of illustrated Christmas poetry with a new collection of vibrant lyric poetry that will delight those eager to renew their Christmas spirit. That wondrous night our Saviour came All earthly rules were set at nought A new made star and angel flame, A stable for a royal court. This book is a perfect Christmas gift, containing over 230 poems that guide us through from Advent to Christmas and Epiphany. Scattered throughout the text are illustrations by Kevin Sheehan.
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Paperback
Imprint Sacristy Press
Pages 392
Author Carey, Kevin; Sheehan, Kevin
Publisher Sacristy Press
Audience 01

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