Meet Sparky and the Smarts – an ordinary family who frequently find themselves in extraordinary situations! Shipwrecked at the library: Sparky suddenly remembers her books are due back to the library – today. She drags Stanley along to the library with her at the last minute, only for them to end up in a worse situation… shipwrecked! Zoo hullabaloo: Auntie Bella’s taking Sparky, Nat and Archie for a fun-filled day out at the zoo. Once there, she decides to let them go off and explore on their own. What could possibly go wrong? Escape of the mouse-creature: Stanley’s been acting very strangely recently. What’s the matter with him? He’s in love! Now, Sparky wants to help Stanley have a happy ending, and her method is a mouse in the house.
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Paperback
Imprint CWR
Series Sparky Smart from Priory Park
Author Tewkesbury, Alexa
Publisher CWR
Audience 02

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