Meet Sparky and the Smarts – an ordinary family who frequently find themselves in extraordinary situations! The Smart family emergency committee: The idea of Mrs Smart joining a choir seemed like a good one at first. Now, Mrs Smart’s made a new friend and wants to copy everything she does. How will Sparky and the rest of the family react? Barbara’s big day: Sparky’s grandad has been asked to lead the church float in the town carnival – riding his beloved moped called Barbara! The preparations are underway – until disaster strikes. Who’s stolen Barbara? Grandad jelly legs: Miss Clatworthy is putting on a play and Sparky’s managed to land the role of props assistant. But when things go wrong, Sparky has to step up and use her quick-thinking brain to save the day!
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Paperback
Imprint CWR
Series Sparky Smart from Priory Park
Author Tewkesbury, Alexa
Publisher CWR
Audience 02

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