The farmer knows not to look for grapes in spring, nor lament the barrenness of winter. Each season is critical in making his vineyard fruitful. The same is true for you. Fruitfulness is part of a cycle that includes promise and hope, perseverance and struggle, and even rest and refreshing. If you don't know how God works through various seasons in your life you can end up unknowingly resisting him instead of embracing him in a greater process. When Jesus wanted his followers to understand what it meant for them to be fruitful he took them to a vineyard and showed them how they could live in him like a branch lives in a vine. In this compelling book Wayne Jacobsen combines his experience of growing up on a vineyard, forty years of biblical study, and his own life-long relationship with Jesus to help unpack Jesus’ words so you can live free and full in him. In Season will help you... - Embrace a dynamic, transforming relationship with Jesus - Respond to what he is doing in you each day rather than just reacting to difficult circumstances - Discover the fruitfulness that comes not from your own efforts, but from a fulfilled life in him. - Engage a richer and more effectual conversation with him in your daily life.
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Paperback
Pages 207
Author Jacobsen, Wayne
Publisher Lifestream Ministries
Audience 01

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