You only get to raise your children once and your little ones need to know the big truths of God – Christ, sin, salvation and the gospel. Sing and Play Big Bible Truths is the perfect tool to introduce babies and toddlers to the Bible truths they need to learn now and for later on in life. Bethany Darwin uses the tools of repetition, familiarity and interactive activities to build crucial theological foundations. Features include: Big Truth Song – a toddler friendly big truth lyric set to a familiar nursery rhyme tune accompanied by motion Hear and Learn – a simple story Play and Learn – a quick game or activity Memorize and Learn – a short bible verse with hand motions Eat and Learn – a themed snack
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Paperback
Imprint CF4Kids
Pages 80
Author Darwin, Bethany
Publisher Christian Focus Publications
Audience Children Juvenile

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