Through the lives of these biblical mold-breaking women, you'll discover the often-overlooked gifts God longs to give all His daughters to live beautiful, purposeful lives.
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Binding Paperback
Imprint Chosen Books
Pages 240.0
Author Grady, J. Lee; Feinberg, Marga
Publisher Baker Book House
Publisher Pack Size 56.00
Main Copy Bestselling Author Reveals How God Empowers Women for Leadership and Purpose

Christian women are often led to believe they are God's afterthoughts--as if they were created inferior to men or destined by God to play a secondary role in life. Not so, says bestselling author J. Lee Grady, father of four daughters and a leading international voice confronting the abuse of women. He counters that the Bible's message is neither sexist nor patronizing.

Through sharing the lives of 23 mold-breaking biblical women, Grady shows how God enables his daughters to do amazing, even impossible things. He also reveals the empowering, yet often-overlooked, gifts God longs to give each of his daughters--gifts like wisdom, fruitfulness, leadership, family, and boldness. When women learn to receive each of these, and more, as a divine inheritance, they will live the fearless and beautiful lives of purpose God desires for them.
Audience Adult Audience

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