This soul-stirring memoir of a life redeemed and made whole after being laid to waste by drugs will inspire anyone who feels alone or abandoned, or has simply forgotten how to dream, showing them that how ever lost they are, a relentless God is pursuing them.
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Binding Paperback
Imprint Baker Books
Pages 176.0
Author Robinson, Keith M.; Yorkey, Mi
Publisher Baker Book House
Publisher Pack Size 64.00
Main Copy By the time Keith was 17 years old, his rap sheet included DUI, possession of narcotics, and intent to distribute (that's drug dealing). He was emaciated from drug use, dirty and rumpled, and under house arrest awaiting trial. That's when a stranger paid him a visit, sitting down in his filthy room to touch his gaunt shoulder and pray.

Maybe you are facing circumstances even worse than Keith's. Maybe you've made choices that have hurt you and the people around you. Maybe your family has failed or damaged you, leaving scars you're sure will never heal. Or maybe you just can't bring yourself to care anymore, because you've forgotten how to dream big. How ever lost you are, you have not been abandoned--a relentless God is pursuing you.

You Found Me is Keith's story of a tragic life redeemed, but it's more than that: It's the story of anyone willing to be found.
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