A life-changing new God's Word Translation (GW) Bible created to help teen guys mature in their walk with God.
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Leather Binding
Imprint Revell
Pages 1520.
Author Dimarco, Michael
Publisher Baker Book House
Text Size . 8.5 font size
Publisher Pack Size 16.00
Main Copy Now God Guys get their own innovative Bible from bestselling author Michael DiMarco and Hungry Planet. The perfect companion to the CBA bestseller God Guy, the God Guy Bible merges the clear, everyday language of God's Word Translation (GW) with incredible new material that helps a guy become the man he was meant to be. Jam-packed with special features created just for them, the God Guy Bible offers teen guys

Book Intros: including quick facts about author, audience, themes, and more

God Guy Stories: 25 full-page profiles of men in the Bible

Know This Devotions: 200 half-page devotions on topics related to becoming a God Guy

Ask Yourself: sidebars that encourage guys to consider how God's Word applies to their lives on a practical level

Prayers: 40 timeless prayers rewritten in language today's teen guy understands

Quick Relief: index of helpful verses on topics and issues teens face

Godguy.com: a site where guys can interact with Michael and other God Guys diving even deeper into their Bible study

It's harder than ever for guys to sort out the difference between what the world tells them and what God wants for them. The God Guy Bible will soon be the Bible of choice among guys 13 and up as they grow into the men God made them to be--at school, at home, in relationships, and in their quiet moments alone.
Audience Young Adult
Content General canon
Version GDW - God's Word
Purpose Youth

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