A loving marriage begins in your heart Couples who remarry are full of the same promise and possibility as those who are marrying for the first time--but they also face unique challenges that must be overcome.The Heart of Remarriage goes straight to the heart of these problems and guides you to a fulfilling, lasting marriage that is a haven of grace and security. Relationships experts Gary and Greg Smalley invite you to embrace a revolutionary idea: No matter what circumstances you face with your spouse and family, the solution begins in your heart. Emotional wounds and walls of self-protection are the enemies of loving intimacy--but you can heal from the hurts of the past, be filled with God's love, and let that love overflow to your whole family. This process begins when you examine your heart. Each chapter of The Heart of Remarriage includes these tools to help: - Heart Monitors: Questions to ask yourself, your spouse, and other members of your family - Heart Protectors: Questions to promote dialogue with your spouse, so that you can prepare for the "heart attacks" you may face - Heart Healers: Actions that can be taken to heal your heart after conflict or from past emotional wounds You'll also find practical ideas for connecting your heart with your spouse, your children, and your stepchildren, as well as tips for creating emotional security for every family member. Open Your heart! That's where the marriage of your dreams begins.
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Binding Paperback
Imprint Revell
Pages 256.0
Author Smalley, Gary; Smalley, Greg
Publisher Baker Book House
Publisher Pack Size 48.00
Main Copy Too often, couples enter remarriage unaware of potential problems and unprepared for the challenges stepfamily life will bring. The Heart of Remarriage takes a unique approach to success in remarriage by going straight to the heart, helping couples heal from the inside out rather than offering surface suggestions that may change circumstances but not the lives of couples and their families.

Drs. Gary and Greg Smalley partner with remarried couple Dan and Marci Cretsinger to offer this marriage-changing idea: No matter what circumstances or challenges a remarried couple and their stepfamily face, the solution starts in their hearts. Remarried couples will learn how to examine their own hearts and heal them from the hurts of the past, so that they can be filled with God's love and let that love overflow to their family members. The Heart of Remarriage teaches readers how to create emotional security for every family member and offers practical ideas for connecting at the heart level with their spouse, children, and stepchildren. Couples will be encouraged to keep their hearts open and challenged to leave a family legacy of love.
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