While the Minor Prophets speak to a vast array of issues, this book is particularly focussed on what they have to say about Jesus Christ. It is not a verse-by-verse commentary, nor is it an effort to deal with all the implications of their prophecies. The Lord Jesus Christ is revealed in three ways in this new 2014 study:- 1. The explicit New Testament references linking the words of these prophets and the Saviour. 2. The use of typology, where analogies and parallels in the text point to Christ. These are sometimes specifically revealed in the New Testament, but at other times are apparent in any case. For example, the author shows how Hosea’s relationship with unfaithful Gomer is a type of the relationship between the Lord and his church. 3. The recognition of Biblical themes which appear in the prophets (as well as other parts of the Old Testament) and are also found in the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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