La Nueva Version Internacional, NVI is a contemporary Spanish translation developed using the same method and manuscripts as the NIV in English. Includes in-text sectional headings and textual footnotes. Softcover. White
Publisher Availability Available
Binding Paperback
Imprint Zondervan
Pages 672
Publisher Zondervan
Text Size point size. 8
Publisher Pack Size 28
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New International Version Bilingual New Testament With Psalms and Proverbs (Spanish/English). Never before has there been a bilingual New Testament of such high quality in modern English and Spanish. The New International Version (NIV) has become the most popular contemporary English version in recent years largely because of its accuracy and clarity. Its Spanish counterpart, the Nueva Version Internacional (NVI), has taken advantage of the scholarship and principles that have made the NIV so successful. However, careful attention has been given to preserve the quality and richness of the Spanish language, while remaining faithful to the original language of the Scriptures. Due to its harmony in principles and purposes, this parallel edition of the English NIV and Spanish NVI is the best of its kind available. It is highly recommended for those seeking to learn Spanish or English, as well as those who already have a grasp of both languages and want to compare them in their reading of God's Word.

Audience Adult Audience
Content General canon
Version ZZZ - Other translations

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