The NASB, paired with today's most popular paraphrase, The Message.
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Main Copy The most literal translation and bestselling paraphrase together in one volume • The NASB and The Message side by side • Instant comparison deepens your grasp of Scripture • Double-column format If your translation of choice is the New American Standard Bible (NASB) and if you appreciate The Message for the freshness and clarity it brings to your reading of the Bible then you’ll love NASB/The Message Parallel Bible. Setting the NASB and The Message together for the first time ever, this Bible allows you to instantly compare today’s most literal word-for-word modern translation and Eugene Peterson’s bestselling paraphrase. NASB/The Message Parallel Bible features: • The trustworthy, literal interpretation of the Updated NASB, today’s foremost word-for-word modern translation. The NASB is used by millions of people, from scholars to pastors to everyday Bible readers who appreciate a more literal translation of God’s Word. • The story-like flow and penetrating insights of The Message. Emphasizing a narrative reading of the Bible, The Message is treasured by countless Christians for the way its contemporary language illuminates ageless truths. • Double-column format. • Ribbon marker.
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