Charles C. Ryrie's years of study, teaching and writing make him exceptionally qualified to help readers grasp the Bible's fundamental truths. By focusing on Scripture, The Ryrie ESV Study Bible is designed to enhance a deeply personal study of God's Word. A comprehensive source containing 10,000 concise explanatory notes, in-text graphics, and thorough book outlines, extensive cross-references, expanded topical index and concordance, and now integrated with the popular English Standard Version and a larger trim size that lays open easily on a lap or desk, this Ryrie Study Bible is the best yet!

In addition, you will receive a software download for The Moody Library, an ideal Bible software program for Pastors, Teachers, Professors, Students, Bible Study Leaders, and anyone thirsting to learn and understand more fully. Valued at over $400, this study and reference software was developed by Moody Publishers and WORDsearch™ as an electronic companion to The Ryrie Study Bibles.

Publisher Availability Available
Binding Leather Binding
Imprint Moody Publishers
Pages 1816
Author Ryrie, Charles C.
Publisher Moody Publishers
Publisher Pack Size 12
Main Copy

'The Bible is the greatest of all books; to study it is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.'-Dr. Charles C. Ryrie

Charles Ryrie's life work has been to help people know and understand the Bible-a pursuit that has encompassed church ministry, college professorships, and, most notably, holding the Systematic Theology Chair and being Dean of Doctoral Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. The Ryrie Study Bible reflects this lifetime of biblical scholarship in a single, powerful work.

Since its initial publication in 1978, The Ryrie Study Bible has sold more than 2.6 million copies, giving countless Bible readers a firmer grasp on 'the greatest of books.' Available in multiple translations and containing more than 10,000 of Dr. Ryrie's explanatory notes, The Ryrie Study Bible is a single source for all Bible study needs.

Included are detailed sections for broad biblical comprehension:

¿    A Synopsis of Bible Doctrine

¿    The Inspiration of the Bible

¿    Understanding the Bible

¿    How We Got Our Bible

¿    The Meaning and Blessings of Salvation

¿    Archeology and the Bible

¿    A Brief Survey of Church History

Additional features:

¿    In-text graphics, including maps, charts, timelines, and diagrams

¿    Book outlines in easy-to-read format

¿  &#

Content General canon
Version ESV - English Standard
Purpose Men's; Study; Women's

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